Hi everyone and welcome to my gardening diary. I hope you will join me on my gardening journey throughout the coming year. I will be giving regular updates on what I am doing out in the vegetable garden, the latest scoop from the coop and anything else that springs to mind.

My name is Sharon and I have been growing my own vegetables for several years. Last year I finally got round to becoming a hen keeper, which has been a long held ambition of mine.

I am hoping this blog will grow and evolve into something that others will enjoy reading and will find something useful within my ramblings. 

I would like to think that some of you may be inspired to start growing your own vegetables and experience the joy and excitement that can be had from growing your own.

With this blog I have encompassed the three things that I love to do, gardening, writing and cooking.

I hope you will join me on my gardening venture and look forward to sharing my experience with you. To access the latest diary entry click below.

Latest from the garden

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