Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Lost in throbs

I have been trying to write up a post for the past couple of days but just have not had enough time to get many words down or even begin to think about what to write. Trying to juggle everything is a whole new ball game that I have got to get myself more organised. No more airy fairy I will do it tomorrow...

The last few weeks seem to have been a bit of a blur to say the least. We are almost at the end of our third month of the year and spring still has not sprung, even the girls seem fed up with the constant cold, wet miserable weather. Their run is a constant swamp, no matter what I do, I really need to look into chicken wellies!

I had some work carried out on my teeth last week and have since been in agony. I have been popping pain killers like candy but today enough was enough and I went back to the dentist and I am now on antibiotics, fingers crossed these will sort me out and the pain will go back to whence it came from.

The new sign finally went up today

So people can now find me and my swing sign has also made an appearance

oooo just look at that! This shall be making it's d├ębut outside the warehouse tomorrow for all the passing traffic to see. If your passing and see the sign pop in, I might even make you a cuppa! I have almost finished the girls bedroom set I have been doing this past couple of weeks, just a few finishing touches and tomorrow I shall be making a start on the wardrobe. To see what I have been doing you can visit my facebook page by clicking on the following link https://www.facebook.com/WigglywooCrafts

 I had a little peek into the greenhouse on Sunday, the broad beans are growing quite well, a couple more peas have poked through and the leeks are not even off the starting blocks yet.  I am hoping to spend some of this coming Sunday in the garden so long as we don't get a repeat of the weather we had last weekend.

I have the hoover lying across the kitchen floor as I was half way through hoovering, there is also a load of washing drying in the tumble. Jay has just got in from work and is enjoying satay pork and noodles, home made of course and I am now going to tuck into my chicken soup, not home made but out of a tin, it hurts too much to chew and slurping soup is just oh so good!

Until next time x

Saturday, 23 March 2013

It is Blooming Cold!

What on earth is going on with this British weather? We are almost at the end of March and have seen no sign of spring and this morning I awoke to another smattering of snow and escaped chickens! I knew something wasn't quite right as Max was back and forth with a worried look upon his face. I had a quick search as I thought that perhaps there was a puddle of even a pile on the floor!

It had been so windy that the latch on the run had opened and there was the girls clucking loudly and running amock around the garden. Matilda was head down and arse up in the soil of my fruit border where I have one scarggly tayberry bush and a small prickly gooseberry bush, it all looks so sad and desolate in the garden.

When I opened the door the girls were trying to come in, cheeky little things.  I grabbed the bowl of scraps and they all came flapping down the garden with me and are all now safely back in the run tucking into a feast.

It has been another busy week. I have been preparing for the opening of Wigglywoo's Craft Emporium on Monday. I am just enjoying a quick coffee in peace before heading back over to carry on with arranging and sorting out the warehouse.

I am at a craft fair tomorrow, which will be my last one for a while and hopefully I will be able to get out into the garden once more and get on with one of my other great passions of growing my own vegetables.

I hope you all have a great weekend, until next time X

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Fancy a Leek?

It was a horrid day weather wise yesterday and with all my running around it was too dark to venture down the garden. 

I was determined to get my leeks sown this weekend and once I got home from the craft fair today I ventured out into the garden, let the girls out so I could clean the coop and wandered down to the summerhouse to sow my leeks.

The leeks are now in the greenhouse and keeping them company are the broad beans and peas that are shooting through.

I thought I would take a look at the rhubarb, I wasn't sure how it was going to fare as I moved it last year once it had died down. But there was a little pink bud showing. I am already looking forward to some tasty rhubarb jam.

Now that I have moved the rhubarb on to the vegetable patch I will not have to worry about the girls pecking at it as they can't get to it.

I had a nosey at the raised strawberry bed and noticed that four of the plants are showing some new growth, a bit more warmth and a few more may start to grow.

The last job I had in the garden was to sweep up the paths after the girls had had a feast on grubs they found whilst turfing and scattering the stones all over the place!  

Another two weeks and I am hoping to do some major seed sowing and finally get the vegetable patch dug over. Looking forward to it already!

I am off to another auction tomorrow and I am hoping to grab a bargain or two.

Jay has been busy in the kitchen and has made a gorgeous smelling lasagne and some garlic bread, so I shall bid you all a good evening. I hope you had a wonderful weekend, until next time x

Friday, 15 March 2013


Well it has finally happened...
What! I hear you ask


Broad Beans erupting!


A Pea peeking out!

I thought I would just poke my head in to the greenhouse just in case anything had decided to germinate, and when I saw these I did do my little jiggy dance of germination joy!

I have been so busy again this past week, it's been all head down and arse up as they say! I cleaned out the girls coop yesterday and they had a play in the soil whilst basking in the little bit of sunshine we had. 

Matilda was not too keen on going back into the run and kept running up the garden path as I tried to coax her in. I threw down some seed which she devoured and about fifteen minutes later I finally got her to go back in the run. 

It had warmed up a little the past couple of days however it has been raining most of today and is forecast to do so tomorrow. We need the warmer weather but it looks like we are still going to have to wait a bit longer.

I am attending an indoor bootsale on Sunday at Woodbridge Primary School, 10.30 til 1.30 pm So if your local and at a loose end then pop along even if it is raining you can still enjoy a visit to a bootsale.

I have posted new photos on my Wigglywoo's Craft Emporium page you can see them by clicking HERE

Well I hope to catch up with you all again over the weekend. Have a wonderful weekend whatever you may be doing. You can always leave a comment sharing your gardening news/tips/advice or anything else you may want to say. Until next time x

Monday, 11 March 2013

Sniffles n Snuffles & Disgruntled Hens!

I have had a stinking cold to contend with the past week and all the household has got the sniffles! Even the dogs keep making snuffling noises, I think it is just so they don't feel left out.

Again a busy weekend, I was at a craft fair on Saturday, we did not get many people through the door but the weather was awful, we had constant rain all day. A right miserable day however I had a good natter and laugh with some of the other stall holders, so the day passed fairly quickly.

Sunday we awoke to a smattering of snow, we did still venture out to a boot sale, as I thought it said it was undercover so there would still be some hardy sellers out. We all piled into the car and Jay was driving and we were heading toward the warehouse, me being totally oblivious as I was on the phone to my mum at the time and the boys were hollering 'happy mother's day!' and I thought they were saying it to my mum when in fact they were saying it to me. My mothers day present was attached to the outside wall of the warehouse. The boys had clubbed together and bought me a sign!

The best present I could ever receive. The picture is a photocopy, the weather has been too awful for me to take a proper photo.

Anyway we did make our way to the bootsale and there were three hardy stall holders! Whilst we were there about twenty cars of buyers turned up all to just turn tail and go. So you can imagine who got an earful for suggesting that she wanted to go to a bootsale! We did find a salvage yard down a little lane, oh it was like being in a sweet shop. I was like a magpie to all things that glittered!

With the weather being so cold and dreadful I could see no point in attempting to sow any seeds. I have a bag full off loo rolls all ready for leeks and  peas. Am I ever going to get my vegetable growing underway this year... So I spent the afternoon on the sofa watching Antique road trip and done some crocheting, and we all enjoyed a Chinese for dinner, a perfect mother's day for me.

We woke up to more snow today and I really needed to clean out the coop and change the bedding. I ventured out early this morning and they were making a right racket. I gave them a bowl full of kitchen scraps and even that did not appease Matilda. The other three pecked at the scraps.

I went to change their water and when I returned a few minutes later they were all back in the coop which I had yet to clean out and the pile of food scraps was still sitting there. So I shooed them all back out, they were all clucking away. It was snowing quite hard and they were eager to get back into the coop. It was the quickest clean out the coop has had. I think the girls have had enough of the horrible weather and can't wait for the sunshine and the extra leisure time in the garden.

Well that was a rundown of my weekend. I hope all you mums had a wonderful mothers day.
Until next time x

Friday, 8 March 2013

Stop the clock!

I say it every week but hells bells that's another one been and gone! I have had an extremely busy week but boy have I had fun. I managed to get my five pieces finished and even made up a window display.

It was raining and there are still stickers on the windows that need removing, so the picture is not the best, but it gives you an idea of what I have been busy doing. I have started on a few more pieces and dad is coming down to paint the toilet and lobby next week. It is all systems go!

I am at a craft fair tomorrow in Woodbridge, fingers crossed it will be better than last week. And Sunday I am hoping to relax and do sod all! Well it is Mothers Day after all...

The rain arrived today and apparently is going to be with us until early part of next week. I really should get down the greenhouse at some point and start sowing some seeds. Perhaps I will do that Sunday, it is relaxing and does not involve any strenuous activity and it is not housework either and I will have some peace and quiet as the house is always full at weekends.

Right enough of my musings and thinking out loud, dinner needs doing, another nice easy one tonight, sausage pasta bake. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a very happy mothers day to all us Mums.

Until next time x

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Warm rays of sunshine...

Hello all I'm still alive and kicking! Sorry for being quiet but as you can probably imagine I have been rather busy and I still haven't managed any gardening. Come rain or shine I will be out in the garden on Sunday and I may even drag Jay out there with me, I need his strength to do the digging, but shhhhhhh he doesn't know about this yet.

The weather has been glorious these past few days, crisp, dry with rays warming up from the sun. I was out there cleaning the girls house yesterday and they were having a ball in the soil. The sun had warmed it nicely and was still shining on them whilst they had a flap and a flutter, kicking soil everywhere.

The neighbours have been busy pruning their fruit trees, I can never understand why they all go to so much effort with their fruit trees to only let the fruit drop and rot or is left to rot unpicked!

The herbs on the windowsill are coming along nicely


Hopefully Jo has received her prize and will soon be sharing her progress with us. I poked my head into the greenhouse yesterday morning, some of the broad beans look like they may be erupting! Or they could be the same as they were last time I looked and it is just my imagination! The strawberry bed has a few green leaves, well about three plants have a green leaf to be precise. In a few more weeks there will be more hopefully, otherwise it is back down to the garden centre to purchase some new ones.

The craft fair was a bit of a let down, I just wish those that spend months organising these events would do one of the easiest and simplest things of putting a sign up outside the venue to let passer-bys know that there is actually an event going on!

I have been busy down the warehouse, here is a sneaky peek at what I have been doing...

I have been working on five pieces which I am hoping will be finished on Friday so I will have some photos for you later on in the week.

I wrote out the monthly menu on Sunday and we went and done the food shop yesterday.

It is not a huge variation from last month, but we still managed to keep to the £200.00 budget. There are no new dishes but the Spanish chicken has remained on the menu from last month. We have already had a swap (thanks Jay!) As it was Jay's day off yesterday he wanted to make the beef pie and we are having this tonight. I have to admit he is turning out to be quite the pie maker!

It is time for me to go, the vegetables need doing for dinner as they won't do them selves, oh how I wish I could just twitch my nose to get a few jobs done sigh.... Until next time x
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