Saturday, 27 April 2013

Green things are coming!

I hope your all having a splendid weekend even though the weather here has been somewhat topsy turvy this week. Early on we had beautiful sunshine, yesterday hail stones and today it has been quite chilly, and wet. Hopefully it will settle down to wall to wall sunshine, I can dream at least...

Right on to something green, I had a peek in the greenhouse this morning before cleaning out the girls and low and behold there was little green sprigs just peeking over the top of the toilet rolls, yes some of the leeks have germinated and so has the carrots I sowed in the little trough. A jig was danced to thank mother nature for being so kind.

On the vegetable patch the rhubarb is bounding along, looks like we may have another bountiful harvest and at least the girls will not be able to attack it this year. Also the peas are poking through, the little bit of heat we had sure has helped just need some more of it now please.
(Sorry there are no photos I left the camera at the shop.)

Until next time x

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Mr Sun sun sun!

It has been the most glorious sunny weekend, everyone is walking round with the sun glasses on and short sleeved tops, a real feeling that summer is on it's way.

It has been yet another busy week and the weekend has flown by too. We were up and out and about early this morning, we had lots of jobs to get through before starting on things at home.

Jay is currently in the kitchen baking one of his manly pies, a steak and ale pie today and he is also making a chicken madras curry, a Chinese chicken & vegetable curry and a chilli all for the freezer. I think he was in the mood for a cooking fest!

The girls are meandering about the gardening casing their usual mayhem. As it is lovely and sunny I have taken out all removable parts and scrubbed them in diluted smite and they are now drying in the sun. 

Dory & Bell having their weekly dirt bath

The first of the rhubarb
Matilda taking some time out

A good weeks growth on the broad beans

I hope you have all had a wonderful sunny weekend and you have been able to get out and enjoy your gardens. 

One last thing before I end this post, over the next few weeks my posts may be few and far between, very short or even absent. Hopefully things will soon settle down again and we can both enjoy a weekly fix of Wigglywoo & Chickens too. Thanks all for being along on my journey and may you stay for more in the future. Until next time x

Friday, 19 April 2013

Niggly ill's

I cannot believe another week has passed and we are almost at the end of another month! The weather has been improving but it has been rather windy and a piece of wood had fallen on to a couple of my broad bean plants! Thankfully it had not broken them but just flattened them a little bit.

I have not been feeling too good this week so I have not managed to get any more gardening done so seeds are still waiting to be sown. The leeks that I sowed a few weeks back have refused to show their spindly little faces so I am hoping the ones that I sowed direct in the ground will do the business and grow.

At long last the chicken run is beginning to dry out, and the girls are not up the their fluffy bottoms in mud. They are having a good dig and scratch about. I am debating about moving them up the garden, which will give them a bigger area and I will be able to have a bigger hen house and maybe a new hen or two! Something to ponder on.

We had our first taste of home grown goods on Tuesday. Mum and dad came over for lunch and I made mayonnaise tuna egg and salad with some of the lettuce that I had sown weeks ago and has been growing on the windowsill. The herbs are coming along nicely too.

Well that is it from me for now, not a lot to digest but just a little snippet until next time x

Sorry back again a big hello and welcome to my new follower and viewers, I hope you enjoy your time here x

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Gardening 2013 is on!

Hurray hurrah we finally get the vegetable garden of 2013 going! It's been a very long wait but I'm sure it will all be worth it.

We started the morning off at the Waterfront cafe and enjoyed a hearty full English which set us up for the day ahead. We had a quick stroll around the bootsale and then came home and I got my gardening gear on.

I uncovered the soil and there were still some big bits from the compost bin that needed breaking down still and the good thing was there were no weeds! 

Adam got out the rotorvator and turned all the soil. The compost has really improved the soil again, every year it gets better. When I first started the vegetable plot the soil was sandy and had nothing to it as such. Now it is rich, dark and oh so lovely!

I removed some of the big bits and lobbed them back in the compost bin and raked over the soil. I had misplaced the plan I wrote out last winter so I had to sit down and quickly do a rough one again. I could remember where what was planted last year so I did not plant the same things there again.

The prepared vegetable plot

So today I sowed Red salad onions at the far end. Top far left is where the rhubarb is planted and is looking lush and pink. (Sorry forgot to take a photo) I then sowed a couple of rows of spring onions.

Next I have the roots section. Sowed today were parsnips, swede and carrots. I also want to grow celeriac but this has to be sown indoors first. I am hoping to get some seed sowing done this week.

At the greenhouse end of the plot I planted out the eight broad bean plants that had germinated and I sowed four rows of peas and then a row of leeks.

Broad beans & Peas

Twelve potato bags have been planted up with (I think) Pentland Javelin as usual I have forgotten. I still have a batch of king Edwards that have been chitted but I am not sure where to put them so they are still waiting in the summerhouse.

The girls have had the most enjoyable day out and about in the garden. They all had their customary dirt bath, have turfed the soil all over the patio from out of the waiting flower pots and containers. Scattered all the stones over the path and have made a right mess!

As you can see Matilda is back to her normal healthy self

So that is the vegetable garden of 2013 started, lets hope that we have a better growing year this year than last. I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend. Until next time x

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Spa bath for Matilda

The weather has finally taken a turn towards spring like weather and lets hope it is here to stay and then to turn into a beautiful summer.

Another hectic week has yet again zoomed by and we have somersaulted through the weekend! We were up at a silly hour for a Sunday and we zipped off to the boot-sale at Ardliegh and then we travelled on to West Bergholt, Jason doing the driving and I enjoying the lovely scenery which was more enjoyable than of late because of the glorious sunshine.

We enjoyed Sunday lunch at the Old Times Guest House and wonderful it was too especially as I had a cheeky glass of wine to wash it down.

We came home and Matilda was hunched up near the gate of the run again. She has not been right the past couple of days, I think she may be egg bound again.  Her vent is not very clean so I thought I would give her a bath so I can see what is going on. Yes it is much easier said than done!

We don't have a bath just showers so the only thing I can actually bath her in is my old foot-spa, the perfect size for the job. I had let the girls out and they were all rolling about in the dirt and Matilda was hiding behind a big flower pot and she was easy to catch as she had no where to run.

I had already got the bath ready and had on my rubber gloves and the old towel was laid out on the floor all ready for operation bathing chicken. I gently put her in the foot-spa and she didn't make much fuss and was quite content to sit in there making little clucky noises until the dogs started barking as someone was at the door!

We had flapping and splashing and water all over the floor, I managed to clamp down her wings again and sit her down in the foot-spa. After about 15-20 minutes I wrapped her in a towel and sat there cuddling her. no I am not completely mad, it's what chicken mums do...

Once she was dry I popped her back in the run along with some corn soaked in olive oil in hope that it helps to pass the egg if that is the problem. I did have a look but it is not easy when she is flapping and squawking like a goodun. She is sitting huddled up in the corner, whether she is going to make it through this time I'm not sure but fingers crossed.

So that was my weekend along with wading through piles of washing. I hope you have had a wonderful weekend and have managed to get out and do some gardening. I think I am going to have to rope my dad in to give me a hand this year. Until next time x

Friday, 5 April 2013

It's a dogs life

Well we had a bright and sunny afternoon, but at 7 am this morning it was rather chilly out on the heath with the dogs. We did not meet Max the security guard today but we did meet the Lola the luscious Labrador!

She is a bit grey around the muzzle and carrying a few extra pounds but hey she is still pulling the boys! Clyde was beside himself with excitement a new bird on the block with whom he could show off his amorous charms.  As you know Clyde is no dainty dog more like a raging bull and a clumsy one at that. He went hurtling towards Lola almost knocking her owner over who incidentally  had on this most godawful floppy hat that made her head look twice the size it actually was. Why do we dog walkers wear the most stupid hats? I know it's to keep our heads warm but we could be shot by the fashion police!

Anyway back on track, Clyde gets awfully excited and makes this grunting, snuffling, whining sound as he either chases a dog or is being chased it actually sounds like he is in pain but I'm sure it is pure unadulterated joy. So Clyde done his chasing and his grunting and groaning, a bit like a mating dance I presume and then he promptly mounted the luscious Lola only to be immediately reprimanded by Lola's floppy hatted  owner who's hat was sliding down over her eyes whilst I man handled Clyde off trying not to giggle at the hat thing that was going on. Not an easy feat I can assure you 48 kilos of pure muscle wanting to go one way and me trying to pull him the other whilst trying to keep a straight face and all this before 8 am!

Bless him!
Well we finally our walk without any more incidents. Once home I had a lovely hot bowl of porridge washed down with a rather strong coffee. Until next time x

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Wind in the Wigglywoo's!

Well what a week it has been so far, what with a bank holiday thrown in I have lost all track of time and days. We have had more snow flurries and hopefully today's will be the last of them until next winter. Dare we hope that we are on the cusp of spring?

It has been quite windy too hence the title of this post and this wind has caused havoc in the hen house! The wind has been rocking the fence from which part of the run is attached. When the wind blows the whole run rocks along with the fence which in turn jiggles out the latches and then we have the hens on the loose!

This has happened on a couple of occasions but I have never witnessed this and the hens escape. However yesterday I saw it all! I was just about to leave for work when out of the corner of my eye I saw the girls creeping...

Yes creeping across the patio to the nice soil they love to flap in. You may well ask how do I know they were creeping well I know they were as usually when I let them out they hop, fly, flap and make a right racket as they make their way across the patio and there was none of this going on so they were most certainly creeping!

Getting them back into the run was another matter, I tried the corn but they were not having any of that. I had to resort to the broom. They don't like the broom I use it to round them up and steer them  to where I want them to go which is usually back into the run. Matilda is always the hardest one to get back in as she runs round like as they say a headless chicken!

Once I managed to get them all back in I got some string and tied the gate to the run so hopefully no more escaping chickens.

It has been quite eerie walking through the woods this week as the trees stir and swirl way up high and all you can hear is the creaking and squeaking of the branches in the wind. We met Max the Doberman on the walk again yesterday. I don't think I have mentioned Max to you before. He is a sleek looking dog and wears a fluorescent coat, he looks a bit like a security guard as he is coming towards us he will suddenly sit down looking very authoritative.

Well yesterday Max the Doberman decided he was going to get amorous with my Max. Max's owner was not impressed and was calling him and trying to get him off. I continued to walk past hoping that my Max and Clyde would follow. I turned round and saw Clyde in the distance looking rather meek and was shaking in his boots (if he wore any) praying that he was not next. Clyde is not a fan of Max the security guard and will always give him a wide birth when we meet. Finally Clyde came flying through the furore and my Max was finally released from the clamp like paws of the security guard.

Oh if only they could talk!

Well as you can imagine not a lot has gone on in the gardening department with this bloody awful weather, but I did take a sneaky peak at the rhubarb and there a three little pink buds waiting to burst forth. The weather is supposed to turn this weekend, for the better hopefully and I may finally get my digging gear out! Until next time x

Monday, 1 April 2013

A delayed Happy Easter...

A Happy belated Easter wish to you all, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed your choccy eggs.

This past week has gone by in a blur, I have still been suffering with the chronic tooth pain and am hopefully back at the dentist tomorrow. Goodness knows what they are going to do I am already having panic attacks just thinking about it!

The shop opening went well, I was busy finishing off some pieces and have now finished the girls bedroom set which I have set out as a room display.

The weather has been all season's we had snow showers again on Saturday and Sunday was bitterly cold and today we had some lovely sunshine. As per usual I never managed to get out into the garden, yesterday was taken up with family time and today the housework had to be tackled but I would much rather have been pottering about the garden.

We were a bit concerned this morning as there were only three hens coming out for the daily scraps, I ventured in and peeked into the nesting box and their sat Bell all plumped up and making a clucking sound sitting upon a lone egg. I managed to coax her out to eat and drink and as soon as the gate to the run was open she was straight back into the nesting box. Hopefully she will sort herself out.

I have the grand total of 7 broad bean plants and 3 pea plants, now it is starting to stay light longer I will get an hour in the garden of an evening and get the growing season under way.

I hope you all had a lovely Easter, until next time x
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