Sunday, 21 April 2013

Mr Sun sun sun!

It has been the most glorious sunny weekend, everyone is walking round with the sun glasses on and short sleeved tops, a real feeling that summer is on it's way.

It has been yet another busy week and the weekend has flown by too. We were up and out and about early this morning, we had lots of jobs to get through before starting on things at home.

Jay is currently in the kitchen baking one of his manly pies, a steak and ale pie today and he is also making a chicken madras curry, a Chinese chicken & vegetable curry and a chilli all for the freezer. I think he was in the mood for a cooking fest!

The girls are meandering about the gardening casing their usual mayhem. As it is lovely and sunny I have taken out all removable parts and scrubbed them in diluted smite and they are now drying in the sun. 

Dory & Bell having their weekly dirt bath

The first of the rhubarb
Matilda taking some time out

A good weeks growth on the broad beans

I hope you have all had a wonderful sunny weekend and you have been able to get out and enjoy your gardens. 

One last thing before I end this post, over the next few weeks my posts may be few and far between, very short or even absent. Hopefully things will soon settle down again and we can both enjoy a weekly fix of Wigglywoo & Chickens too. Thanks all for being along on my journey and may you stay for more in the future. Until next time x


  1. It's nice to have some decent weather, though I have to say that it's trying it's best to rain again at the moment. It sounds like you're freezer is going to be well stocked with all the cooking going on. Hope all's well with you and yours.

    1. Hiya Jo, hope your keeping well. The weather is still lovely here today, clear blue skies and feeling the warmth of the sun on your face sure makes the world we live in feel like a much nicer place x


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