Thursday, 6 September 2012


Well yesterday was the first day of my no smoking, it has been a difficult couple of days, I have a face like a bulldog that has been stung by a wasp! And everyone is steering clear (well they ought to!) I am very fidgety and can't seem to settle at anything and to top if off I have a banging headache. I know it's not going to be easy but I am determined to do it this time.

Not much doing in the garden, picked some more runner beans, the freezer is filling up with these now. The squash are getting bigger everyday, I can't wait to have these. Still no signs of a pumpkin yet though.

As for the girls we have had no eggs for the past two days, they have been at the rhubarb again, they manage to get through the netting or jump up and get to the rhubarb. It does not seem to matter what I do as they will get at it however they can. I can't move it yet or cut it so it's a sticky situation. As soon as I let them out they all hurtle towards to the blooming rhubarb!

I have just had to purchase some eggs so I can do some baking, I need to keep busy.

Well that is it from me for today, until next time x


  1. Good luck with quitting. I stopped smoking two years ago last March and I know it's really hard. There's many times even now that I could just reach for a cigarette. I actually gave up for five years when I had the kids and went back to it again. Just take things day by day, and try to keep busy.

    1. Thanks Jo, I have tried a few times and the longest was 8 months, then I had a bombshell land on my lap so to speak and turned to the dreaded ciggy.

      I am more determined to do it this time no matter what. Keeping busy is helping a lot, I have to do lists coming out of my ears!


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