Thursday, 13 September 2012

Making decisions

It has been a roller coaster of a week! I have been trying to keep myself busy but it has proven quite difficult as I can't seem to settle down to anything. Trying to sit at the computer to write has proved an impossible task, hence why there has been a lack of postings from me. So please bear with me as I struggle to sort myself out.

At this time of year there is not much going on in the garden, most of the vegetable plot is empty and has already been dug over. I just need to add some compost and cover the ground up until spring. The large raised bed has five scrawny swedes sitting in it, the caterpillars ate all the stalks and there does not look like there is much of a root. However I shall leave them in as there is still plenty of growing time for them and they are not in the way.

Last year I decided to grow some vegetables over winter, it was not much of a success so I will not bother with it this year. I will however be growing some garlic but I have not decided which variety to grow yet.

I have decided that this is in fact a pumpkin, it is the same variety that I grew last year however it does look a lot different. If it does not start to change colour then Perhaps I will change my mind yet again!

As you can see these are my butternut squash, there are several on the plant and the plant is spreading far and wide. It is in the small raised bed and has spread up onto the decking. Last year they got to the size in the photo then promptly fell off. Fingers crossed I will get at least one to grow to full size.

This is a courgette plant that has finally decided to produce something, not sure what variety this is as they look different to the ones I had earlier off one of the other plants that was grown from the same seed packet. They were black beauty which is a slender green courgette. I'll keep you posted on the outcome if it does not drop off!

I had quite a few tomatoes turn red and I have made a couple of batches of tomato sauce to use with pasta ect. which have been frozen for later use. I had a look earlier and there should be enough to make another batch by the weekend.

I made more soup again this week. We had bean and cabbage soup which has all gone and yesterday I made some more creamy courgette and potato. I have also been making cakes which the boys have thoroughly enjoyed and they did not hang about for long! You can find a host of recipes on the recipe page.

The girls are being rather vocal at the moment, they are waiting to have their mad chaotic time running round the garden, whilst I clean out the coop. Egg production is still down. I am convinced it is the rhubarb as they girls will not leave it alone. They make a beeline for it as soon as they are out of the gate. I have netting round it but the little dears jump so they can still get it!

I hope you have enjoyed following me through the gardening/growing year. I have gone of topic at times but then that is only natural. I titled this post making decisions, when I first started this blog my intentions were to keep it to gardening, however I have so many different interests that it would be impossible to maintain several blogs for each topic.

Soooooooo I am not sure of what to do, any suggestions would be gratefully received. Well that is it from me for today, until next time x

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  1. I have two blogs. I decided to keep The Good Life blog for gardening as I wanted to use it as a kind of diary too. I can check back through it for dates and such, and don't have to trawl through all sorts of posts. I started my Through The Keyhole blog for everything else. On there I blog about my hobbies, family life and anything else too.


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