Sunday, 30 September 2012

A Trying week...

Once again another week has flown by and all is not well in the house of woo, that probably should be the house of woe. As the title suggests it has been a topsy turvy week, lots of tension, flaring of tempers and a broken foot/ankle/leg to boot!

As you all know I have stopped smoking and hubby decided he would also forgo his pleasure of alcohol. It has been almost a month and we have both managed to go without our habitual sidekicks. It has not been easy and we have both been very snappy and waspish and I hate wasps!

On Wednesday I got a phone call from the school, Ben our youngest son had had a slight accident whilst playing rugby. After a trip to the hospital it turns out he has broken a bone in the lower area of his leg. I am unsure of what is actually broken until we go back to the hospital on Wednesday this week and have another X-ray and speak to the specialist. However Ben will be on crutches for possibly the next eight weeks.

And to top of our week the car decided it was going to have a breakdown. The head gasket has gone so it is not going to be a quick, easy nor cheap fix. So it is going to be a bit of a nightmare with no car and with Ben having a broken bone and being on crutches.

So that has been my week oh and I also had a craft fair which went quite well, and I am preparing for another one this week. Good old dad will be taking me and Jay will bring me back.

We have had lots of rain and the pumpkin and squashes have really benefited from the wet weather. The pumpkin is huge I would say it is as big as a basket ball and the smaller one is catching up quick. The butter nut squashes are about 5 - 6 inches long now and filling out. The photo below does not do much justice to their actual size.

The girls are looking a bit scrawny, both Bell and Dory are still malting and Matilda has started now also. We are still only getting one or two eggs a day. I cleaned them out earlier whilst they had a forage around the garden, I have never seen so many feathers in their coop before. Last year they lost hardly any feathers, but they were only still young. I have put some tonic in their water which is supposed to help whilst malting.

Well that is it from me for another day. I hope you have all had a great weekend. Until next time x

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