Saturday, 15 September 2012

Foraging for freebies!

Just a quick one for now. Last night myself and Jay took the dogs for a walk, the car is playing up and I did not fancy going alone in case it conked out. Anyway I had heard a little whisper that there were some trees laden with plums in the hedgerow around the field.

I had forgotten to take anything to collect them in however I did have a pack of nappy sacks. I know not ideal but they done the job. I have enough to make a batch of jam which I shall do later on this afternoon.

Whilst walking round the field we noticed there were also several trees full of elderberries. It is not often I walk round the field, I usually walk round the woods and there are very few elderberries in the woods. So when I go and walk the dogs later on today I shall take my trug and a small pair of scissors and collect some to make a liqueur of some sort. There are lots of different recipes to choose from online, I'm not sure what one I am going to attempt yet.

Right I must dash as mum and dad are picking me up shortly and I still have to ice the lemon cake I have made for them. Until next time x

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