Monday, 3 September 2012

Hello - I'm Back!

What an eventful week we have had. Our truck managed to get us there and back safely, just... We were about a mile from home when it decided to cough and splutter and stop. We managed to get it started again, and it has since had some oil and water and is fine again. Fingers crossed it will keep puttering along for another year.

It was very wet and windy up in Gairloch, Scotland, and we were fairly stranded where we were staying with no internet or signals for the phones. The boys were not too happy not being able to constantly text and be on facebook! As soon as we were in the car going somewhere, they were constantly checking for phone signals and whooping with excitement once they got a signal. It's awful to think that they can't live with out these things.

Anyway plenty of fishing was done as well as lots of crocheting. I managed to make five scarves, two hats, two sets of baby hat ,booties and mittens. I even went fishing! We went out on a boat and I even caught a couple as well as catching my fingers on the rusty hook! Sammy the seal followed the boat back and we fed him some mackerel that we had caught. It was fantastic seeing him up so close.

The scenery was fantastic on the way down and depending on how the weather looked made it all look so different. We had a four hour round trip on the Sunday to get the food shop for the week. I am so glad I don't live in a secluded place.

We met plenty of animals on our journeys out and about, sheep were just wandering around on the roads, and we went up to the end of the country, or so it seemed and looked at the lighthouse. On our way back we came round a bend and a huge and I mean huge cow was coming towards us. We stopped and the cow stepped to the side to let us pass, it was quite comical really. I'm convinced it was a cow but Jay reckons it was a bull, but we didn't stop again to check!

We had an eventful trip to Inverness town centre, Ben and Adam were waiting in Subway when Ben got stung by a wasp. Five minutes later the colour had drained from his face, his eyes rolled and he was about to collapse. Jay quickly sat him down, it had decided to rain quite hard. It all happened so quickly, he has been stung by a bee before but never a wasp, so panic was setting in was he allergic. Thankfully he did not pass right out, we gave him a sugary drink and he was back on his feet ten minutes later.

So that was our trip to Gairloch in Scotland.

The twins survived coping on their own whilst we were away. The girlfriends had also stayed over and I came back to a lovely clean house! The hens and dogs were all fine and so was the garden. I had quite a harvest to collect.

I picked the tomatoes and they are now sitting on the windowsill in the bedroom as this gets the most sun. Hopefully they will go a ruby red. Where the tomato plants are situated gets some sun and I did not want to lose them so I thought it was best to pick them and get them in as much sun as possible. I can always make chutney otherwise.

I had another surprise when I went for my walk about in the garden when I got home, I have about five squashes but as yet no pumpkins. The Italian courgette plant is still going strong and producing lovely courgettes. I will plant these again next year.

This is the largest squash on the plant and if you look closely you will see behind the skeletons that are left of my cabbages.

I am already making plans for what I will be growing next year and where everything will be going. I have yet to order my garlic and tomorrow mum and dad are coming over and we are having a day of gardening as the weeds have taken hold and the cabbage stumps need removing and as they are full of caterpillars I won't touch them, dad has got that job!

Here are three great recipes for using up your courgettes/zucchinis and you can print of the recipes.
courgette chutney     
mediterranean vegetable medley     
creamy potato courgettezucchini soup

Well that is it from me for now, I'll leave you with some more photos from Scotland. Until next time x


  1. The photos are beautiful! I'm glad your garden and house survived while you were away. I'm glad you had a wonderful and safe trip. You sure got alot of crafting done! Good for you! Talk to you soon :)

    1. Hi Pam, thank you, I think I actually over did the crafting as I could hardly move my hand on the last day!


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