Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Sadness in Gairloch

Hello everyone. We have no internet or phone signals where we are staying so we have ventured out to a pub/restaurant that has free wifi.

Some of you may have seen on the news about the terrible tragedy in Gairloch. This is the village we are staying in and our cottage overlooks the loch. As you can imagine there has been a lot of activity due to the ongoing search. My heart goes out to these families that are involved.  To many innocent lives lost whilst on a family day out.

How something so normal as a family enjoying themselves can turn into such a tragedy is hard to comprehend.  Many will and have questioned and point the finger of blame at the parents, however who can say they have never put their child in a boat on a river or in the sea. The weather and water were quite calm on the day of the tragedy. And many families around the country were out in boats on rivers ect enjoying family time and activities.

Instead of pointing fingers of blame and saying what they should or should not of done just be thankful that you have your families and spend a few moments thinking how you would feel if it were you in the situation.
The whole community has pulled together in the search, with many that have fishing boats joining in the search.  The weather has taken a turn for the worst since yesterday with quite strong winds and heavy showers.

The cottage we are in is large and comfortable. As I said we are overlooking the loch and have fantastic views. The scenery on the way down here was awesome. I have several photos which I shall upload when I get back home as I have forgotten the cable.

We had to go and do a food shop on Sunday, it took us four hours to get there do the shopping and get back, I'm just thankful I don't have to do that every week! We have not ventured far since. Jay and the boys have been fishing  and along came Sammy the seal to eat all the fish! They had caught a couple but once Sammy turned up there was no more fish in sight. Sammy is a local and very big (photos next week)

Whilst they have been busy fishing I have made three scarves and a hat, but as yet still to turn on the kindle!

Well I shall say bye for now, take care everyone. Until next time x

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  1. Such a tragedy, and I've heard on the news today that a young boy and his dad have drowned in Majorca, terribly sad.


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