Thursday, 23 August 2012

A look around the garden

I have posted the photos of the garden that I had taken earlier today. It will be good as I will be able to compare the garden in a weeks time when I return.

I have had the garden hose out for the first time this year. All the water butts are empty and as I wanted to give everything a good soaking before we go, just in case we do not get the torrential down pours that have been forecast for the coming week end!

You will all be pleased to know the kindle is now fully charged and ready to go. I have put some books on it also well eighteen to be precise and I am sure I won't read them all...

The pumpkin or squash bed and the Italian courgette plant at the back

What is left of the swede and you can see there are lots of these gross caterpillars  on them!

The runner beans

Another pumpkin or squash plant

My lacy cabbages! Damn them pesky caterpillars!

a wee little melon, still not growing though!

ohhh look my one and only red tomato!

Outdoor Tomatoes, roma, alicante and gardener's delight

Well I hope you have enjoyed reading and seeing the vegetable garden. I hope you all have a great weekend. Until next time x

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