Tuesday, 7 August 2012

What a beauty!

Well I have just about recovered from the hectic weekend. I have a busy week ahead, but then what's new!
I am busy preparing the my upcoming craft fair this weekend.

The weather has been very unpredictable the past three days, we have had storms and very heavy downpours. It has ruined many of the flowers no sooner are they open the rain comes along and causes untold damage and we are unable to enjoy the blooms.

However the rest of the garden is enjoying this wet weather especially the courgettes. The Italian courgette is the size of a small football and there are several others now appearing. I have brought the courgette in and I will be making some courgette and potato soup with it. I don't think I will have many courgettes to make my chutney this year, but here is the link for the recipe for those of you that have a bumper crop and don't know what to do with them

I have harvested some more dwarf French beans today and mum has taken them home with her.

The parsnips and swede have grown quite a bit this past week, hopefully they will be a decent size and not just tops like last year.

We have plenty of green tomatoes ready and waiting for some sun to turn them red. Unfortunately we haven't had much of the sun this past week, it has been very wet and rather dull. There are some runner beans now beginning to form we should be having some of those hopefully with Sunday lunch and the last of the carrots and some more potatoes.

All this wet weather and the slugs and snails are slithering rampantly over everything. I had several beans that had been munched through as well as several plants decimated by the blighter's!

I am sitting here thinking it will not be long before I will be spreading compost over the vegetable patch and then covering it up again till next spring. Our summer is almost over even though it never actually arrived!

I have been updating the gardening and hen keeping pages with new links.

Well the rain has stopped so I am going to shoot outside and change the bedding in the coop. I shall leave you with these new photo's that were taken yesterday. Until next time x
Runner Beans


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