Friday, 17 August 2012

Bugs and Beans

What a day it has been, the sun has been shining again and everyone has the grumps as it is so muggy and warm. I thought I would venture into the town today and what a daft idea that was! I sat waiting in traffic for over an hour, I finally get to where I want to go and the blooming road was closed which meant I had to go all the way round that I had just spent an hour getting through. So I came home instead, that was a waste of my time!

So after having a bite to eat, well a jam donut actually, just to make me feel better of course. Have you ever tried to eat a sugary donut and not lick your lips? It's not easy I can tell you, I managed to do it on my second one, but they are only small, honest! And you can't buy just one you have to buy a bag of five. The rest are sitting on the side shouting 'eat me eat me'

So  spent the rest of the afternoon in the garden, I have finally got round to covering the leeks with mesh to protect them from leek moth. The leeks are already a decent size, so I want to make sure we get to eat them and not the damn bugs. As you can see there were plenty of beans ready for picking, they will be going in the freezer and mum will be having some to take home with her tomorrow.

Speaking of bugs, they are attacking everything. The runner beans are still covered in black fly, they have had a good soaking with the rhubarb solution. Everywhere I look there are the silver snail trails, even all over the rather prickly courgettes and pumpkins! The ones I have grown this year seem extra prickly, I got a small spike in my hand and it was a job to get it out as they are quite small and hard to see.

And take a look at this!  

This is what remains of my gooseberry bush, it was lush and green yesterday and overnight it has been turned into this. I'm not sure what has attacked it as I could not see any bugs lurking on there. So when I have finished this post I shall be searching online to see if I can find out what might have caused this.

If you know please drop me a line.

Whilst I was out in the garden so were the girls, and what a mess they have made. They are vandals! They have ruined my herb tub and soil is all over the place. Several times I had to lift Bell off the raised bed I was working in and then Matilda took a fancy to it also I spent half the time I was out there moving the girls out of the beds.

Ruined herb tub

And who done this!

I have given the coop a good scrub out today so it is all nice and clean. Matilda we be balancing on a perch tonight as she does not like it when the bedding is new and clean. They are so funny even if they are naughty!

Well that is it from me for another day, until next time x

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