Sunday, 19 August 2012

Lovely Fresh veggies!

What a scorcher it has been this weekend. We had an enjoyable day with friends yesterday, full of fun and laughter and a little bit of alcohol too! 

It has been very humid and muggy today and feels like a storm may be heading our way, which will hopefully clear the air and fill up my now empty water butts! 

As you can see I collected a nice little harvest earlier today, runner beans, french dwarf beans, the last of my King Edward potatoes, some herbs, a green pepper and another large courgette. That is the last of this years potatoes, I have had quite a good crop from all the different varieties and I think Javalin were my favourite. 

I have some potato and courgette soup bubbling away on the stove and we are also having a Mediterranean vegetable medley (well that's what I call it) with barbecued marinated chicken. And everything in the medley is from the garden. 

I have a few bulbs of garlic left we seem to have gotten through it all, I will be growing some again this year but a different variety to this year. I think I will try the elephant garlic and hope for bigger bulbs as this year I grew Christo and the bulbs were rather small and some are just balls as they did not break up into cloves,  however it does have a remarkable taste.

I have lots more courgettes on both varieties the black beauty plants now have several forming and the Italian     ones,which I have forgotten the name of has about five more which are the size of tennis balls and several smaller ones. Earlier on I thought I was not going to see any courgettes but now it seems we will be having plenty!

We have had four eggs a day for the past three days, so the girls are on top form. They have had plenty of scraps and greens today and are all quite content and sitting down preening. Whether that is because they are too full up to stand I don't know. I did wonder if chickens are like cows, when rain is imminent they lie down... just a thought.

Well that is it from me for today, I do hope you have all had a wonderful weekend. Until next time x 


  1. That's a great little harvest there. It's so lovely to be able to pick your own fresh veg, I never tire of it. I've grown Pentland Javelin in the past and I liked them too.

    1. Hi Jo, I was quite pleased with it considering the awful year we have had. I thought I would be getting very little.

      I have beans in the freezer! And they are still cropping like mad. I have had about eight of the Italian courgettes so far and there are more ready for picking.

      I'm glad you remembered the correct name, I always forget. The King Edwards were quite dry and always broke up during cooking, better for mashing I suppose.


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