Thursday, 16 August 2012

Weeds away

It has been a beautiful day here in Suffolk, the sun has been shining and a warm gentle breeze, a perfect combination for gardening.

Well I decided I would tackle the monstrosity known as the front garden today. The weeds have had far too long to survive and it was time to turf them out, or should I say heave! My neighbour kindly came out to inform me that the dandelions were weeds, just in case I didn't know. I think that was a large hint that the weeding should of been done weeks ago!

I tackled both of the flower beds which I can now say are practically weed free. There may be one or two still lurking in the central flower bed underneath the large dahlias. However there were rather a lot of busy bees and bugs so I did not want to venture there, in case anything came after me and any passer by would think I was a raving nut case as I leap around the garden squealing and screaming.

I had some deep rooted weeds running along the edge of the drive, I don't really like using chemicals so I thought I would try using neat white vinegar as this is supposed to act as a great weed killer, so we shall soon see if this does indeed work!

I took off all the dead heads from the plants, it looks much better and too be honest it looks a bit bare now, hopefully they will soon perk up and produce a few more before the end of summer (I know we haven't had one yet!)

The girls are being very vocal today, they are waiting to come out and have already knocked over the feeder yet again! It's is quite funny they were all clucking and racing about when the feeder went over and they all stop and look at each other in astonishment, as if to say 'who done that' and then they all start again and it sounds as if they are saying ohhhhhhh dear. Did you know that chickens can talk...

I have picked all the large tomatoes and laid them out on the table in full sun, hopefully they will turn if not it's green tomato chutney! I still have about twelve jars of courgette chutney which I made last year, guess what your all getting for Christmas folks!

Well the dogs are huffing and puffing waiting to go for a walk and the girls are making a right racket as they want to come out. Until next time x


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