Monday, 11 March 2013

Sniffles n Snuffles & Disgruntled Hens!

I have had a stinking cold to contend with the past week and all the household has got the sniffles! Even the dogs keep making snuffling noises, I think it is just so they don't feel left out.

Again a busy weekend, I was at a craft fair on Saturday, we did not get many people through the door but the weather was awful, we had constant rain all day. A right miserable day however I had a good natter and laugh with some of the other stall holders, so the day passed fairly quickly.

Sunday we awoke to a smattering of snow, we did still venture out to a boot sale, as I thought it said it was undercover so there would still be some hardy sellers out. We all piled into the car and Jay was driving and we were heading toward the warehouse, me being totally oblivious as I was on the phone to my mum at the time and the boys were hollering 'happy mother's day!' and I thought they were saying it to my mum when in fact they were saying it to me. My mothers day present was attached to the outside wall of the warehouse. The boys had clubbed together and bought me a sign!

The best present I could ever receive. The picture is a photocopy, the weather has been too awful for me to take a proper photo.

Anyway we did make our way to the bootsale and there were three hardy stall holders! Whilst we were there about twenty cars of buyers turned up all to just turn tail and go. So you can imagine who got an earful for suggesting that she wanted to go to a bootsale! We did find a salvage yard down a little lane, oh it was like being in a sweet shop. I was like a magpie to all things that glittered!

With the weather being so cold and dreadful I could see no point in attempting to sow any seeds. I have a bag full off loo rolls all ready for leeks and  peas. Am I ever going to get my vegetable growing underway this year... So I spent the afternoon on the sofa watching Antique road trip and done some crocheting, and we all enjoyed a Chinese for dinner, a perfect mother's day for me.

We woke up to more snow today and I really needed to clean out the coop and change the bedding. I ventured out early this morning and they were making a right racket. I gave them a bowl full of kitchen scraps and even that did not appease Matilda. The other three pecked at the scraps.

I went to change their water and when I returned a few minutes later they were all back in the coop which I had yet to clean out and the pile of food scraps was still sitting there. So I shooed them all back out, they were all clucking away. It was snowing quite hard and they were eager to get back into the coop. It was the quickest clean out the coop has had. I think the girls have had enough of the horrible weather and can't wait for the sunshine and the extra leisure time in the garden.

Well that was a rundown of my weekend. I hope all you mums had a wonderful mothers day.
Until next time x


  1. It sounds like you had a lovely Mother's Day, and what a great gift. We woke to snow again this morning, but it's now melted, thank goodness.

  2. Hi Jo, it was a lovely mother's day, I hope you had a great day too.

    Yes we had snow yesterday but today the sky looks threatening but what it is bringing I am not sure. It feels cold enough for more snow.

    Bring on the spring!


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