Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Lost in throbs

I have been trying to write up a post for the past couple of days but just have not had enough time to get many words down or even begin to think about what to write. Trying to juggle everything is a whole new ball game that I have got to get myself more organised. No more airy fairy I will do it tomorrow...

The last few weeks seem to have been a bit of a blur to say the least. We are almost at the end of our third month of the year and spring still has not sprung, even the girls seem fed up with the constant cold, wet miserable weather. Their run is a constant swamp, no matter what I do, I really need to look into chicken wellies!

I had some work carried out on my teeth last week and have since been in agony. I have been popping pain killers like candy but today enough was enough and I went back to the dentist and I am now on antibiotics, fingers crossed these will sort me out and the pain will go back to whence it came from.

The new sign finally went up today

So people can now find me and my swing sign has also made an appearance

oooo just look at that! This shall be making it's d├ębut outside the warehouse tomorrow for all the passing traffic to see. If your passing and see the sign pop in, I might even make you a cuppa! I have almost finished the girls bedroom set I have been doing this past couple of weeks, just a few finishing touches and tomorrow I shall be making a start on the wardrobe. To see what I have been doing you can visit my facebook page by clicking on the following link https://www.facebook.com/WigglywooCrafts

 I had a little peek into the greenhouse on Sunday, the broad beans are growing quite well, a couple more peas have poked through and the leeks are not even off the starting blocks yet.  I am hoping to spend some of this coming Sunday in the garden so long as we don't get a repeat of the weather we had last weekend.

I have the hoover lying across the kitchen floor as I was half way through hoovering, there is also a load of washing drying in the tumble. Jay has just got in from work and is enjoying satay pork and noodles, home made of course and I am now going to tuck into my chicken soup, not home made but out of a tin, it hurts too much to chew and slurping soup is just oh so good!

Until next time x

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