Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Warm rays of sunshine...

Hello all I'm still alive and kicking! Sorry for being quiet but as you can probably imagine I have been rather busy and I still haven't managed any gardening. Come rain or shine I will be out in the garden on Sunday and I may even drag Jay out there with me, I need his strength to do the digging, but shhhhhhh he doesn't know about this yet.

The weather has been glorious these past few days, crisp, dry with rays warming up from the sun. I was out there cleaning the girls house yesterday and they were having a ball in the soil. The sun had warmed it nicely and was still shining on them whilst they had a flap and a flutter, kicking soil everywhere.

The neighbours have been busy pruning their fruit trees, I can never understand why they all go to so much effort with their fruit trees to only let the fruit drop and rot or is left to rot unpicked!

The herbs on the windowsill are coming along nicely


Hopefully Jo has received her prize and will soon be sharing her progress with us. I poked my head into the greenhouse yesterday morning, some of the broad beans look like they may be erupting! Or they could be the same as they were last time I looked and it is just my imagination! The strawberry bed has a few green leaves, well about three plants have a green leaf to be precise. In a few more weeks there will be more hopefully, otherwise it is back down to the garden centre to purchase some new ones.

The craft fair was a bit of a let down, I just wish those that spend months organising these events would do one of the easiest and simplest things of putting a sign up outside the venue to let passer-bys know that there is actually an event going on!

I have been busy down the warehouse, here is a sneaky peek at what I have been doing...

I have been working on five pieces which I am hoping will be finished on Friday so I will have some photos for you later on in the week.

I wrote out the monthly menu on Sunday and we went and done the food shop yesterday.

It is not a huge variation from last month, but we still managed to keep to the £200.00 budget. There are no new dishes but the Spanish chicken has remained on the menu from last month. We have already had a swap (thanks Jay!) As it was Jay's day off yesterday he wanted to make the beef pie and we are having this tonight. I have to admit he is turning out to be quite the pie maker!

It is time for me to go, the vegetables need doing for dinner as they won't do them selves, oh how I wish I could just twitch my nose to get a few jobs done sigh.... Until next time x


  1. Spring is trying to break through. The pie looks good!
    Love from Mum

    1. It was, today it is dull, damp and dreary. The pie was lovely, it's gammon and leek pie next week!

  2. Jay's pie looks delicious, my hubby is a huge pie fan. It's damp and foggy here, rather cool too, and it was yesterday too. Just when I thought we were getting some nicer weather. I received the herb set, thank you. I shall start sowing soon.

    1. It was rather scrummy Jo, Jay is getting too good at making these pies! Weather has turned here too, back to the dull days. Never mind spring is just around the corner.

      Glad it got there okay, look forward to hearing from you soon


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