Sunday, 17 March 2013

Fancy a Leek?

It was a horrid day weather wise yesterday and with all my running around it was too dark to venture down the garden. 

I was determined to get my leeks sown this weekend and once I got home from the craft fair today I ventured out into the garden, let the girls out so I could clean the coop and wandered down to the summerhouse to sow my leeks.

The leeks are now in the greenhouse and keeping them company are the broad beans and peas that are shooting through.

I thought I would take a look at the rhubarb, I wasn't sure how it was going to fare as I moved it last year once it had died down. But there was a little pink bud showing. I am already looking forward to some tasty rhubarb jam.

Now that I have moved the rhubarb on to the vegetable patch I will not have to worry about the girls pecking at it as they can't get to it.

I had a nosey at the raised strawberry bed and noticed that four of the plants are showing some new growth, a bit more warmth and a few more may start to grow.

The last job I had in the garden was to sweep up the paths after the girls had had a feast on grubs they found whilst turfing and scattering the stones all over the place!  

Another two weeks and I am hoping to do some major seed sowing and finally get the vegetable patch dug over. Looking forward to it already!

I am off to another auction tomorrow and I am hoping to grab a bargain or two.

Jay has been busy in the kitchen and has made a gorgeous smelling lasagne and some garlic bread, so I shall bid you all a good evening. I hope you had a wonderful weekend, until next time x

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