Friday, 15 March 2013


Well it has finally happened...
What! I hear you ask


Broad Beans erupting!


A Pea peeking out!

I thought I would just poke my head in to the greenhouse just in case anything had decided to germinate, and when I saw these I did do my little jiggy dance of germination joy!

I have been so busy again this past week, it's been all head down and arse up as they say! I cleaned out the girls coop yesterday and they had a play in the soil whilst basking in the little bit of sunshine we had. 

Matilda was not too keen on going back into the run and kept running up the garden path as I tried to coax her in. I threw down some seed which she devoured and about fifteen minutes later I finally got her to go back in the run. 

It had warmed up a little the past couple of days however it has been raining most of today and is forecast to do so tomorrow. We need the warmer weather but it looks like we are still going to have to wait a bit longer.

I am attending an indoor bootsale on Sunday at Woodbridge Primary School, 10.30 til 1.30 pm So if your local and at a loose end then pop along even if it is raining you can still enjoy a visit to a bootsale.

I have posted new photos on my Wigglywoo's Craft Emporium page you can see them by clicking HERE

Well I hope to catch up with you all again over the weekend. Have a wonderful weekend whatever you may be doing. You can always leave a comment sharing your gardening news/tips/advice or anything else you may want to say. Until next time x


  1. Glad to see the seeds have germinated for you, they just needed a bit warmer weather, which I can't say we've had here over the last few days, it's freezing.

  2. I thought that they had rotted and I would need to sow some more. Only two of the peas have sprouted so far so I will have to sow more of those.

    Hopefully it is going to start warming up now and we have seen the back of winter.


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