Thursday, 23 August 2012

The Perfect pot!

As we have had a fair few courgettes I decided to do hubby a stuffed one the other night as he loves stuffed marrows. These Italian courgettes make great little serving bowls. I might even serve my creamy potato courgette soup in them. This was stuffed with a minced beef & vegetable concoction. Jay is a big eater and decided he wanted extra filling!

I have harvested more courgettes today, both varieties and as we are off to Scotland at the weekend for a week I am making another batch of soup to leave behind for the twins as they are not coming with us. I have left the freezers fully loaded so I'm sure they will be able to survive the week.

We were going to take the dogs but as it is a twelve and a half hour drive and Clyde does not do travel, he hyperventilates and has panic attacks and ends up being sick. So rather than put him through that we are leaving them at home.

The twins will have their hands full, as they also have the chickens to look after, Godzilla the bearded dragon and my vegetables to tend too, luckily my mum and dad will be on hand to keep an eye on things. I keep telling myself everything will be fine!

Jay bought me a kindle for my birthday earlier on in the year and I do love to read and vowed never to buy one as I much prefer the real thing. Anyway I have one now and so far it has been switched on and off again and has remained in the box since. Jay has been nagging me about the blooming kindle and as we are going away I thought I would get the kindle out of the box and load some books on so I can take it with me to Scotland.

When I took the kindle out of the box there was a picture of a battery and a hazard symbol. It obviously needs to be charged, however this was easier said than done. I got the cable and plugged into my laptop but it did nothing. Not being a very technical person I thought I would have a look through the hand book, the only problem is that there is no written handbook it is all on the kindle!

How daft if you are having a technical issue and can't turn the damned thing on how are you going to sort it out if the handbook is not accessible. The only other way you can find out how to solve problems is by accessing information through the computer. I really think it is silly, what if you are on holiday, you have packed your kindle and are in the middle of nowhere you have no access to the internet. That's your holiday reading out of the window!

Any way to finish of this little tale of woe, I have had to hijack Lewis's laptop as the kindle will not charge on my laptop and to keep the thing charging I cannot let the computer go into sleep mode as the USB ports stop working. I still have packing and cleaning to do! Now you know why I prefer a real book!

I have given the coop a thorough clean out today, the girls had a great time as usual rummaging around in the garden. They found a few snails and chased each other for them. Dory found a big worm and she scurried off down the garden to enjoy her tasty treat, however Matilda and Bell had other ideas and were trying to steal it off her. I think Matilda managed to get half of it and Bell found the caterpillars on the swede.

As I stated earlier I have harvested three more courgettes and a trug full of runner beans which my mother in-law has taken home with her. I have also taken several photos around the garden which I shall have to post later as I am on a different computer and I don't think Lewis will appreciate me uploading photos of the garden on to his laptop.

Jay has purchased me a dongle so I can access the internet whilst we are away as where we are staying has no internet access. I think we are going to need a trailer just for my stuff! I am also taking my wool and hooks with me. The weather is not looking to good so lots of warm clothing is coming too, and I must not forget my walking boots oh and my wellies too as you never know I might need them! We are staying at Gair loch in Rosshire up near Inverness. So if any of you live near there beware we are descending for a whole week!

The fishing rods are coming too as the cottage we are staying in is right on the beach and the owner runs fishing trips and owns the fishing tackle shop (yes Jay did book this holiday!) Apparently Jay had no idea, yes you can all stop spluttering now. I think he had the whole fishing holiday that is not a fishing holiday all planned!

Well that is it from me for now, I will post the photos later today. Hi and welcome to my new follower's. Welcome aboard, I hope you enjoy reading. Until next time x

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