Thursday, 2 August 2012

Tomorrow is another day...

Not much to report today, the weather has been a little temperamental and now the sun is shining it has turned into a lovely evening.

The greenhouse looks a bit like a rainforest at the moment, foliage up to the roof with two of the tomatoes. The third has fallen over and no attempt at staking is working it seems it just wants to be on the ground! The melon plants are growing a lot too and there is only a very small standing area left!

Jay went in to my potting shed aka the summerhouse and came back into the house wearing a rather large frown. He had not been in there for a while and I suppose it was a shock considering the state it is in. There are onions everywhere drying out, soil all over the floor. Opened and unopened compost bags scattered about and a huge pile of used pots and trays that are waiting to be cleaned... I think you get the picture.

Well I had planned to do it today but somehow (as usual) got sidetracked. Ben is going away at the weekend with a friend and his family for the week and he had some trousers that needed sewing so I done them instead. Then I went and cleaned the bathroom, I took the dogs for a walk and done piles of washing and before I know it the day has almost past! Hence the summerhouse is still in a sorry state. Oh well there is always tomorrow. This is turning in to a well used motto!

The girls have been busy digging in the run again. I think they are trying to make a break for it. Watch out Australia the girls will be on the rampage at a town near you very soon!

Well that is it from me for today, I think I will take a quick wander around the garden and you never know I may even venture into the summerhouse. If you don't hear from me in the next couple of days presume I am still in there sorting it all out! Until next time x

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