Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Dancing with Joy!

Well that is strange you say something one day and poof there it is the next! Whilst inspecting and watering the garden earlier you will never guess what I found. Yes a little round courgette! Nestled amongst the foliage   I noticed a little smaller than a golf ball my first courgette of the year. All the courgettes have produced an abundance of flowers but so far all have been male. Typical as this house is over run by males, as if there isn't enough already!

And that is not the only surprise I have had today take a peek at the next photo!

Yes melons! There are about five little pearl sized melons on one of the plants. And yes as usual I had my little dance of joy! The other plants is also full of flowers so things are finally looking good.

I picked the first of the green beans today, there was not enough for dinner so I have frozen them until more are ready. The ones I picked today were quite fat and if left on the plant it would halt the plant from producing much more. I also picked some peas which I think will probably be the last. With all the wet weather the plants have mildew on them.

Unfortunately the above photo is a bit blurred however I am sure you can make out the little pepper. This plant has about five little peppers and is still producing more flowers.

Outside grown tomatoes
As I was picking the green beans there were a few bees busy around the runner beans. These are full of flowers and it is looking like we may have another bumper crop of these again this year.

The girls had a fun time digging in the pile of soil that I had emptied out of the potato bags. I left it there for them to keep them away from the raised beds and vegetables. My plan seems to be working, however they are making a right mess. I just get the broom out and sweep it into a pile again for their release tomorrow.

That is it from me for another day, I hope you have enjoyed reading. Until next time x

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  1. I love how chickens are when it comes to dirt! They just don't seem to care if they make a mess, they think it's their job. They are SO funny!


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