Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Just a beautiful day of gardening

It has been a super sunny hot day today, the dogs have been panting as it is so hot and they will not just go and lay down in the shade but have insisted on following me around the garden to pant in my face every time I get down to pull up the weeds.

My water butts have refilled due to the heavy downpour we had in the early hours of the morning, that's what I call perfect timing. I had almost emptied the last one and if we are in for a mini heatwave the garden is going to get rather thirsty.

I had a bit of a sort out in the greenhouse today. I have discarded some plants that had not done well and also the coriander which has gone to seed when it was only a couple of inches high. I have never had much success growing this from seed. I think I will admit defeat and purchase a small plant from the garden centre.

I have planted up some pots with some of the flowers I had grown and I still have not managed to get rid of yet. I still have quite a few and don't know what to do with them. I have offered them to my neighbours however they have no room or need. My dad has taken lots and has no room for any more either. It seems such a shame to just dump them in the compost heap but I'm sure I will think of something or someone that will take them.

The snails have been nibbling on my courgettes and pumpkins. I have picked several snails off and the girls had great fun cracking them and eating them. We have had seven eggs over the past two days. Things are finally back to normal.

The swedes have started to come through. They were a bit close together so I have thinned them out. There is not point trying to replant the seedlings I removed as they will just not grow as they do not like to be disturbed once they have started to grow.

The sweet peas are growing and smelling wonderful. I picked some more today and they certainly brighten up they day. My dahlias are full of black fly so I have given them a spray with my rhubarb solution to hopefully get rid of them. They were covered in them last year too and I need to get rid of them before the flowers start to appear which by the looks of things will not be much longer. 

I have planted the French marigolds either side of the cabbage patch in the hope of deterring the wretched snails! I have more holes than cabbage leaves at present. I also sowed some more lettuce, little gems and a round lettuce which  I have already forgotten the name of, but you are probably getting used to me doing that by now.

I re-potted the melon plants into their final growing pot, hopefully they will start to grow like the clappers now. I must admit they do look rather healthy so I must be doing something right! The strawberries had grown more runners so I have removed them. They seem to be growing more runners than strawberries!

The girls have dug so many holes under the coop it is now "sloighlty on the huh" which to everyone else who is not from  Suffolk means it is not straight. On Sunday Jay is going to give me a hand to move it out and refill the holes and lay slabs under it. I'm sure the girls will not be amused but they will have to learn to dig holes in the run.

I have booked a table for my first craft fair. It is not until October however I still have lots to get done and my fingers are very busy most nights. 

I have taken a few photos for you all too see.

Melon Plant
Cut & come again lettuce
Sweet Smelling Peas
Beans are growing well

 Well I hope you have enjoyed reading my gardening activities. I'd like to welcome and thank my new followers. Until next time x

I'm not sure why some of the text is highlighted, I lost connection halfway through and I can not fathom what is wrong. I think I should just stick to the gardening! 

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