Monday, 30 July 2012

what a week

Well after a very hectic couple of weeks hopefully I can slow down a bit. The craft fair went quite well considering it was my first. I made a few sales not as much as I would have liked but there is always next time. I am hoping to do another one in a couple of weeks so I shall keep you posted.

Now back to gardening! We have had a fair bit of rain over the weekend so the water butts are full up again and the ground is nice and moist. The courgettes are full of flowers but no fruit as of yet. The melon plants in the greenhouse are also full of flowers. I am eagerly awaiting any sign of a mini melon! The tomatoes are on the turn in the greenhouse and the ones outside are also now full of fruit. I just hope the dreaded blight stays away.

I think the girls will be enjoying all of the cabbages this year, they are full of caterpillars which have munched right through all of them. It is my own fault for not netting them I thought perhaps with the rotten weather we have had and hardly any sightings of the cabbage white I would be safe. However we live and learn and I will be sure to net them next year. There is no point doing it now as too much damage has been done.

There are only four more bags of potatoes left and all that we have had so far have been great tasting and of a good size and quantity. I will be growing the same varieties next year and maybe a new one too. The pumpkins I replanted seem to have recovered from their move, now all I need is for them to produce some lovely large pumpkins!

The leeks are growing quite well too this year. I am going to go and put a cover on them shortly so as I don't lose them to the leek moth like last year. Leek and potato soup is a family favourite and it would be nice to be able to make it with home grown leeks. The onions are still in the summerhouse drying out. I should be able to get them strung up by early next week.

With all the rain the rhubarb has grown to huge proportions I will be taking the last few stalks of that later today and then leave the rest to die down ready to move onto the vegetable plot in late autumn/early winter as this is the best time to move fruit when it is in a dormant state.

The tayberry bush has managed to survive after the damage the girls keep doing to it. I will not need to worry about pruning it that's for sure. The blueberry bushes don't appear to be growing much but hopefully I will get some fruit from them next year.

I have sowed some more lettuce in boxes up on the decking, the girls have as yet to get on there so my lettuce should be safe from their greedy beaks!

Well that is it from me for today. I hope you all had a great weekend. Until next time x

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