Sunday, 8 July 2012

Where has the time gone?

Adam ready for his prom

Well it has been another busy week. My son Adam had his school prom on Friday. It does not seem that long ago he was toddling around the garden and riding his tractor up and down the garden path. Time seems to be passing by so quickly.

Sorting out the chicken coop has been postponed as it is raining quite heavily. The run is now a swamp once again. The girls are looking rather forlorn and miserable sitting under cover. Clyde is also unwell, he is off his food which is very unlike him so a trip to the vets is in order tomorrow.

The tomato plants are full of flowers, I just hope we start to get some nice warm weather otherwise they will be lost to blight again this year. We are having some more potatoes from the garden with dinner today. This is the last batch of first earlies and the second earlies are now in flower so they are almost ready.

The cornflowers I sowed have come into flower, they are white and they are the only ones so far that have started to flower in the flowerbed in the front garden, hopefully it will not be much longer and the others will also bloom.

I have been busy making more things for the craft fairs. I am presently making an owl hat for a child. I will post the photo when I have finished it.

Well that is it from me for yet another day. Hoping for better weather in the coming week. I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend where ever you are. Until next time x


  1. Doesn't he look smart? I hope he enjoyed his prom. My son didn't go to his, he said it wasn't his thing, whereas my daughter can't wait to go to her's, she's got a couple more years to wait though. Hope the visit to the vet's has gone well, it's not like dogs to turn their noses up at food.

    1. Hiya Jo,He seems so grown up! He had a wonderful time thank you. Clyde has got to go back on Wednesday to be checked over again as they are not sure what is up with him. He usually scoffs at his food so it is very unlike him.


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