Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Lettuce for lunch, dinner and tea!

Pumpkin/squash in the raised bed

Hello everyone, apologies for the delayed post. The weather has been awful again so far this week so no gardening has been done. I noticed that the weeds are getting bigger and bigger everyday as I look forlornly out of the window.

I am hoping it is going to start drying up within the next couple of days so I can get out and have a good weeding session. Everything is growing quite well. We have had endless lettuce. I cut if all off last week and it had all regrown so we had some for lunch yesterday and there is still plenty there so I cut some off for the girls.

The pumpkins have had a big growth spurt and are filling up the raised bed rapidly. However the same cannot be said for the courgettes. They have grown a bit but nothing compared to last year.

I am going to lift the onions at the weekend as they have nearly all started to seed. I will put them in the summerhouse to dry out many are already a decent size compared to last year and the overwinter onions.
You can just see the seed heads on the onions

The runner beans are also coming into flower so I shouldn't think it will be much longer before we will be enjoying these with our dinner.

We had a few more strawberries too yesterday, they have nearly finished fruiting as no more flowers are coming. It was a very poor year for those too.

I have the first tomatoes forming in both the greenhouse and on the ones growing outside, lets pray for some warm dry weather so I don't lose them all again this year!

The girls have spent most of the week getting soaked and then hiding under the coop. Poor things it cannot be much fun for them either with this wet weather. We are getting three or four eggs a day still which is good.

I have got my first craft stall booked for the 29th July. I'm quite excited even though I am working until the early hours every morning to get things made.

We had our youngest son Ben's sports presentation evening yesterday. He was nominated for sportsman of the year, rugby player of the year and athletics. He won the rugby player of the year award, we are so very proud of him and his achievements.

Well that is it from me for another day. Until next  time x


  1. Congratulations to Ben, he sounds like a sporty type. I've noticed a couple of courgettes just starting to grow on one of the plants, I hope they don't rot in the rain.

    1. Hi Jo, Thanks. I think this year is just going to be a very poor year indeed. We need that sun to shine and the rain to lay off for a bit so at least we get something.


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