Sunday, 22 July 2012

Has summer finally arrived?

It has been a glorious weekend weather wise, hopefully our British summer has decided to arrive! Most of the children have broken up for their longed for summer break and will be able to enjoy being outside rather than cooped up indoors because of the rain.

As always when the sun shines Jay always wants to start up the barbecue! So we had one today with just us and the boys. We went round my sister in-laws yesterday evening for a family barbecue, it was nice to all get together again. It certainly feels like summer has arrived.

I have had a very busy weekend but only had a small amount of time in the garden due to other commitments. I am hoping to have Tuesday as a gardening day this week and I am planning to get plenty done. I have fed and watered everything earlier. The tomatoes are coming on nicely and both pepper plants are also in flower.

The pumpkins are growing at a considerable rate as are the ones that are in the little plastic greenhouse, I might get more than the one solitary pumpkin this year! The courgettes are slowly growing, however no sign of any fruit yet.

One of the strawberry plants has once again bloomed with lots of flowers so there maybe some more of those on the way, that is if I can keep the girls off them. They seem to have a penchant for my strawberries! Octavia promptly plucked one from the plant and went scuttling off up the garden with Dory in hot pursuit.

The French dwarf beans are now full of flowers so it will not be long before we are enjoying those. The runner beans are growing like the clappers and are at the tops of the wigwams I have pinched out the tops so they will become more bushy, well that is what I am hoping anyway.

The front flowerbed is blooming. I have some large burgundy poppies that  look quite striking. The dahlias are also looking rather pretty even though they are still covered with black fly! The sweetpeas are continuing to provide a gorgeous scent.

Well that is it for another day, I have some crocheting to do. I am off fishing with Jay tomorrow and no I am not doing any fishing, just tagging along with either a good book or maybe even my crocheting in tow along with a picnic. Until next time x

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