Thursday, 5 July 2012

Jamming in the heat

Phew it's hot hot hot! The Olympic torch came through the town today , however I did not go to watch. I know it is a historic occasion, but I will settle for watching it on the TV. Jay and our son Lewis were in Southwold on the pier to do a spot of fishing when the Olympic torch arrived.

Lewis got to hold the Olympic torch

I have been busy making some strawberry jam today, unfortunately not with strawberries from the garden but from Aldi's They were doing a lb for 99p which is a great price and perfect for jamming. As I have said it has been a very hot day and probably not the best day for making jam! I made eight 1lb jars Which now need labelling and pretty covers put on the lids. 

I have not had much time in the garden even though the weather was scorching. However I cleaned out the girls whilst they ran a mock around the garden. Max kept guard by the gate so that there were no escapees, whilst Clyde was lolling on the door step panting and waiting for another ice lolly! He had one yesterday as it got dropped and now he thinks if he pants enough he will get another.

I harvested a bag of the potatoes for dinner today. It was not bad for just one bag there was just over 2lbs in weight. I did label all the potatoes however the rain has washed all the writing off, but I'm sure these were swift. I also harvested some of the cut and come again lettuce and a hand full of strawberries. And as you can see four luscious eggs!

Well that is it from me for another day, I have some crocheting I need to do. Until next time x

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