Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Hook, line & sinker!

One of the melon plants
The weather has been fantastic the past few days, wall to wall sunshine! We had a pleasant day fishing, well Jay fished I crocheted. It was really sunny but very windy and I think I caught a bit too much sun as I felt a bit under the weather yesterday. However I would say that I caught more than jay did fish! I think it was a combination of too much sun and trying to do too much as I slept for fourteen hours solid!

It is the twins nineteenth birthday today so we have all been out for lunch on the waterfront. It was lovely to sit there and watch the world go by with the sun blazing. They had all trooped off to the pictures to see the latest batman film. I came home as I wanted to get out in the garden and I am not a batman fan either.

And it was a very productive if sweaty few hours! I weeded the whole of the vegetable plot, weeded the fruit border with the help of the girls of course. Every time I put my hand out to grab a weed it was pecked by one or the other of the girls.

I emptied out the big compost bin onto the vegetable plot as I have a large area that is empty. I have now planted out the two pumpkin plants that were in growbags in the little greenhouse. At the moment they look a bit withered but fingers crossed in a few days they will look healthy again, especially with all the rich compost that is now surrounding them.

I have scrubbed out the coop and given it a good clean as the girls were running about the garden, they ravaged the salad box which was full but all that remains are a few stumps! They also decided they wanted to empty the soil out of the raised bed that I had just harvested the onions from. Matilda is the main culprit, I keep taking her off and as soon as I turn round there she is at it again!

Not much left of my salad box!

I was quite pleasantly surprised by the size of some of the onions. It was a much better crop than the over winter ones. However I think I will still grow some over the winter again this year.

Just half of the harvest

The tomatoes are looking very good especially the ones in the greenhouse. After I had taken these photos and I was watering I saw a lot more and bigger than this one.

Greenhouse tomato

Sweetpea pot
One of the pepper plants you can just see the flower

Well that is it for another day. I hope you have enjoyed reading and seeing what is going on in my vegetable garden. Until next time x

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