Monday, 2 July 2012

Mission accomplished!

Where did the past week go? Time seems to be flying by so fast, no sooner have I done the house chores on a Monday and it is the weekend again.

Not much has been happening in the garden, apart from everything is growing nicely even if it is behind compared to last year. We had about a dozen or so strawberries over the weekend, which I ate! The cut and come again lettuce is ready to have now and I think the some of the potatoes are too. I have not checked them yet but the flowers have come and gone on the second sowing. We shall be having those later on in the week.

Nothing much is happening with the courgettes yet they are starting to grow so fingers crossed some fruit will start to grow soon. There are lots of pods on the peas I noticed that they are starting to fill out.

It has been quite dry this past week and I was hoping to get outside for a couple of hours this evening, however mother nature had other ideas and sent in the rain. I did clean out the girls though and they had a run about in the garden. We have been averaging three eggs a day. I'm convinced it was due to them eating the rhubarb that halted egg production. Matilda was the only one who would not eat it and she was also the only one laying. Since I have sectioned it off we are having eggs again. I will move it once it is dormant on to the vegetable plot.

I have been busy writing up new articles. One is the Best Fruits to Grow in the Garden and the other ones is Home Craft Ideas. Which you can access through the following links

I have always enjoyed home crafts since I was a child and this has developed in to another one of my passions. I have finished my project. I have now made several as I am going to be doing craft fairs and I am building a stockpile of items ready for the run up to Christmas.

My first attempt!

Well that is it from me for another day. Until next time x


  1. Brilliant. I'm still stuck on granny squares, I haven't progressed to anything more challenging yet.

    1. Thanks Jo, It was quite easy! If you go on my craft link the video is on there to make the beanie hat from start to finish.

      You will also be able to see her other videos on how to make all the decorations. I am presently making a rose. Not sure how it is going to turn out yet though.


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