Friday, 29 June 2012

A Pleasant Visit.

I have had a very pleasant morning visiting a lady whom I am grateful for having met her. Her name is Vera and she is the nan to one of my son's friends. As you all know I started a new project this week and I needed a little help from an expert and who better than a lady of quite a few years (it's rude to mention a ladies age you know!) with a lot of experience in knitting and crocheting.

I popped round to see Vera this morning clutching my precious project in my hands anxious that what I had done was correct. Vera was sitting in her chair with a pile of knitting and crocheting patterns and some of her finished work and a sweet little cardigan than she is presently working on. I had not met Vera or spoken to her until this morning and what a lovely lady she is too.

Within a few minutes it was like I was sitting in my nan's lounge again when I was a child. Vera taking a look over my work said I had done very well for my first project and yes I was flushed with pride. Vera went through all the patterns she had and passed me the pieces she had finished and what she is working on explaining how she had done them.

Vera has shown me how to sew the attachments on and also showing me how to hold the wool correctly as I tend to hold the wool like I am knitting, she said it does not matter as long as I feel comfortable doing it that way, but she took the time to show me anyway.

I had taken Vera round a jar of my home made elderberry and blackberry jam that I had made last autumn as I do not like to visit people empty handed. In exchange I came away with a bounty of goods for which I was not expecting however very grateful. Vera gave me a darning needle a crocheting pattern and book, two crotchet hooks and some odd balls of wool so I can make the decorative attachments for the hats that I am planning to make.

But the best thing Vera gave me was her time and experience which is worth much more than any crotchet hook or book. She is a lovely warm welcoming lady. Most of the things that Vera makes are for the local hospital, the gift box appeal, charity events and just for the people she meets. I am very grateful for the chance I have had of meeting Vera and feel that I am a very lucky person indeed.

We tend to forget or ignore the older generation which is such a shame. They have so much knowledge and time to share and impart. If this knowledge goes unheard it may be lost forever.

I know this post is off my usual topic however it is something I just wanted to share with you all. I have not quite finished my project yet so I will not post the photo until it is completed.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Until next time x


  1. It sounds like you had a lovely time. I learnt to crochet from You Tube tutorials, but there's nothing like sitting with someone and getting them to show you, I would have much preferred to have learnt that way. I think knitting and crochet is making a comeback, I'm so pleased that these crafts aren't going to die out, they were so popular once upon a time.

    1. Hi Jo, It was lovely to be shown first hand. I struggle to understand the patterns so I too have been using youtube tutorial videos. It makes it so much easier!


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