Thursday, 14 June 2012

A little bit of sun does wonders

The beginning of another beautiful day!
The last couple of days have been quite pleasant, dry and sunny perfect for a bit of gardening. I had a couple of hours out there today and it did feel good to be out in the fresh air with the sun warming my back. The photo above was taken by Jay on one of his many fishing trips. This was taken early one morning down at Southwold Pier.

I weeded the vegetable plot and the raised beds, they look a bit tidier now. I planted out squash,courgette or pumpkin plants. It is going to be a game of wait and see with these! I know which are the melons now as the leaves are a lot smoother, well that is what I am thinking, these are slightly smaller so I have not done anything with these as yet as I still need to purchase a few large pots.

All the beans have grown really well and I shall be planting these out tomorrow and just lay some fleece over them for protection. I pulled up one of the onions that is growing in a container, I must admit it was disappointing to see the size of them. They seem to be doing alright so I shall give them another couple of weeks and see what happens. The tops have not turned yellow just yet so they should be fine for a bit longer.

The girls have been ravaging the garden again today, they will not shut up until they are let out for a bit. Yesterday they emptied out the fruit border and again today. The small raised bed is also a favorite as soon as I lift one of the girls of it another hops on! Octavia was delving into a pot that has a strawberry plant in and was hurling the soil out everywhere! I seem to spend more time sorting them out and tidying up after them than I do actually gardening!

Last night for dinner I made meat loaf which is the latest recipe to my online cooking class. If you would like to see the recipe click on the following link:    Online cooking class

Well that is it from me for another day, we are indulging in take out tonight, naughty but oh so nice! Until next time x

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