Friday, 8 June 2012

It's blowing a hooley!

We are being battered and blown by the wind here and it is expected to last 24 hours. As we say in Suffolk it is Blowing a Hooley! The local agriculture show has been cancelled on it's second day due to the fear for peoples safety with massive marques being blown down. It is such a shame as so much time and effort goes in to the preparation for these things. We are supposed to be having our summer yet at present it is more like winter.

I have been a bit under the weather the past couple of days so have not ventured outdoors. Looking out of the window this morning I don't think I shall be again today! My rhubarb has taken a good bashing from the wind and had all been broken. The onion stalks are no longer straight and the plastic greenhouse has fallen over!

It has been forecast as a bright, dry day tomorrow, so I am planning to get lots done before the rain and wind returns on Sunday. The girls have been sheltering from the rain and wind under the coop and as soon as the rain stops they all come trotting out for a flap and a scratch in the soil. A large pigeon landed on the fence next to the coop, they all started to cluck like mad and the pigeon still sat there. I let the dogs out and it soon flew off again.

Jobs for tomorrow include cleaning out the coop, finally sowing the spring onions, planting out the courgettes that are ready, weeding and sorting out the front flowerbed. Lots of the flower seeds have germinated and now I am more able to see what are the flowers and what are the weeds. They have grown in close clusters so I shall also be spacing them out more.

Well that is it from me for now, I hope you all have a great weekend. Until next time x

Just a quick update my water butt I won has just arrived!!! It's a big one complete with stand and the connections. I am so chuffed. Another job for tomorrow!

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