Saturday, 16 June 2012

A very windy day!

It has been rather windy here today but thankfully the rain has held off until now. It has come over very dark and it looks as if the heavens are about to open anytime soon.

I have spent about three blissful hours pottering about in the garden and greenhouse. First job was to sort out the central flowerbed in the front garden the seeds that I had sown had grown quite well along with an abundance of weeds! It was quite easy now to see which ones were the weeds. The dahlias are in the center and have grown really well. The seeds had bunched together so I thinned some out and moved then about a bit. I am really looking forward to when it all comes into flower.
The central flowerbed

I also weeded the main flowerbed luckily there wasn't many weeds growing in there. My lilies have grown well or should I say had those slimy pesky snails have been at them. One had come into flower even though half of them have been munched! The other is full of buds and does not appear to have been attacked like the other one.

One of the non-munched flowers!

The plastic greenhouse had blown over yet again. and I don't think it will see another year. I put some small holes in and have tied it to the decking. I put in a couple of growbags on each of the top shelves and thought it would be perfect for growing the last two of either pumpkin or squash in as I had no where else to plant these and after so much effort getting things to germinate this year I really did not want to throw them away. 

What will it be?

I dug over the area where I will be planting out the beans, which are still waiting in the greenhouse. I thought that if I planted them out today with this wind I am bound to lose them, but at least the ground is all ready and hopefully the weather is supposed to improve early next week and I shall plant them out then. I picked some more of the broad beans to have with lunch tomorrow and hopefully in a few more weeks some of the peas will be ready for picking too. The next lot of potatoes are flowering so it won't be long for them either.

I had a look round the greenhouse and I had several trays with just soil as nothing had germinated and what had appears to have been chomped by them damn snails. I emptied these out and today I sowed the last few Brussel sprout seeds and some more cabbages, Primo and Savoy. Whether they will grow we shall have to wait and see.

I'm not sure what is up with the girls but we have only been getting one egg a day for the past three days. This is very unusual. I have had to buy some eggs for the first time in months. They have been having their garden time and as usual making a right mess! My Tayberry bush is but a stump and the Blueberry bush is half the size it was. The only bonus is that this area remains weed free!

Looks like the girls have been here!

Well that is it from me for another day. I hope you all have a great weekend but before I go I would like to welcome and thank my new followers, and any new viewers. Until next time x

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