Sunday, 10 June 2012

Strange goings on in the coop!

Last night when I went to say goodnight to the girls as usual I lifted the roof to make sure they were all in there. However just before I went to say goodnight there was rather a lot of clucking going on.  Matilda is always the only one nestled in the nesting box and the other three all huddle together on the one perch. Well last night both the nesting boxes were empty and there was Matilda balanced on a perch on her own whilst the other three were in their usual place.

It was quite dark when I went out, so I could not see very well. I had only cleaned them out yesterday and had put plenty of fresh bedding in as usual. So I thought perhaps there was something in the nesting material. I was home alone so it was up to me to sort this out. I gingerly put my hand in the nesting box and had a little feel around hoping and praying that something monstrous was not going to leap out and attack me! I could not feel or see anything so I closed the girls up for the night and went back indoors.

A little later on I heard clucking and thought perhaps something was in the garden. I immediately turned on the outside light but there was nothing out there. I never heard anymore from the girls until the clucking starts in the morning for them to be let out. When I went to collect the eggs this morning the coop was in a right old mess. The nice bedding was strewn all over the poop floor, the perch that Matilda had been on was also lying on the poop floor. I have straightened it all and sorted it all out again.

I don't know what is going on but something sure is especially if Matilda is on the perch again. I have checked to make sure we don't have the red mite and I could not see any evidence of them. I will keep you posted... For more information about red mite, check out the page related to hen keeping, where you will find a link so you can read all about it.

I have been busy catching up on other chores today so I have only had time for a little potter about. The carrots in the trough in the greenhouse are really coming on so I thinned these out and the girls enjoyed these. I have given all the potato bags a good soaking as when I emptied out the ones yesterday the soil was a little dry. With all the foliage the rain does not get through so well.

As I am writing the potatoes and beans are cooking ready for dinner. Jay and Adam have been on a 24 hour  fishing trip and have not been back long and are both presently snoring! The water butt still has not been connected but it is Jay's first job in the morning.

Well that is it from me for another day. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Until next time x

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