Thursday, 28 June 2012

feeling hot hot hot!

It has been very hot and muggy the past two days. But at long last some of the strawberries have gone red and Octavia found the biggest one and promptly plucked it from the plant and went racing off into the coop with the other's in hot pursuit!

The girls had a couple of hours out in the garden, Bell was quite happy plucking at my lettuce and Dory was in my newly planted herb pot kicking out all the soil, Matilda was in the fruit border and Octavia was rummaging in the strawberries! So a good day was had by all. I cut some rhubarb which my mum has taken home to make a rhubarb pie. I have put netting round it now so the girls can't get at it. We had four eggs today which made a nice change. The girls are now back in the run laying down with their wings spread out relaxing after their hectic day.

I had visitors today so not much gardening has been done, however I have removed the broad beans as these had seemed to have finished and what pods were growing have gone black. This was quite a poor crop this year and I planted these in November last year for them to over winter. The Variety was Aquadulce, last spring I sowed The Sutton and I shall sow these again next spring as I had a much better crop from these.

The snails are busy feasting on my brassica's even though I have mulched with human hair on some of them the snails seem to still manage to get through where there is no mulch. A trip to the hairdressers is in order to restock up on mulch.

As it has been so dry it is perfect weather for weeding and hoeing so I have done the vegetable plot and the raised beds. The pods are forming on the peas, I just need them to fill out now. Everything that is in the ground is growing quite well. The cauliflowers, sprouting broccoli and cabbages I sowed a couple of weeks ago are coming through, hopefully these will make it into the ground soon. The swede that I sowed has started to poke through the soil and the parsnips are 3-4 inches high now.

Well I have almost finished my little project. I have just got to do the final sewing and it is finished. I was better at this than I thought. It is amazing what you can learn from just watching a video, even if they were going to quick and I had to keep pausing and replaying! I will have to upload the photo tomorrow as the battery has just gone on my camera. It does not seem to last long and always runs out of juice at the most inopportune moments!

Well that is it from me for another day, I have got a lot of watering to do. Until next time x


  1. I had problems with slugs in my cabbages. I tried egg shalls, seven dust and another bug spray. None worked. next year I am not brothering with it. Our guinea hens likes to do the same as our chickens and go throw our garden. As for your comment about the videos, I as well learned how to knit on a loom this week. Well I hope you have a great warm day!

    1. Hiya Farm, It is a constant battle against these pests, when I find them I give them to the chickens, they enjoy a game of rugby when they have a snail!

      Well done on learning how to knit on a loom, maybe I could make that my next task. I hope you have a great day too.


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