Tuesday, 12 June 2012

A peek at what's going on

This is the garden June/July 2011

Not a lot to report today, it has been a rather dull and depressing sort of day. The garden looks nothing like the photo from last year. It looks bleak and rather forlorn. Every where is wet and damp, the girls look like they have been having a mud bath!

Taken today 
Spring sown onions
The over winter onions have been blown over by the wind. The ground is soaked so do I lift them or do I leave them? They look like they are going to be more tops than bottoms. If it starts to dry up towards the weekend I will lift them otherwise I could end up losing them as they will rot. The spring sown onions are looking pretty impressive so hopefully they will be a good crop.

I had a look in the greenhouse the cumbrits are growing quite well, I am still unsure of what is what! The runner beans I sowed last week are already breaking through the soil. Most of the dwarf green beans are through and are about two inches high. They will need to go out soon. One of the tomato plants that is growing in the greenhouse has it's first lot of flowers. So they seem to be doing alright. 

You can just see the flowers
I had a look at the strawberry plants today, they have grown lots of foliage and runners, there are some small fruits on some, however these are still very green. We are in real need of some sun at the moment. 

The girls had time out in the garden, Matilda made a beeline for the fruit border with Octavia in hot pursuit! And half the soil was once again covering the patio. They had knocked the rain hat off their feeder so the food had gotten all wet. Luckily there was not much in there, I emptied it out and refilled it replacing the rain hat firmly! They fly and flap about so much when I go outside that everything ends up toppled over. I cleaned out the coop whilst they were busy rummaging for grubs and bugs. We only had the two eggs today but that is normal for a Tuesday.

The mixed salad leaves that were sown last week are now poking through the soil. I will have to keep an eye out for the snails as they love munching on a bit of salad!

Well considering I started off saying I didn't have a lot to report I actually did have plenty to share with you. Until next time, bye for now x

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