Saturday, 2 June 2012

A nice little surprise

It has been a busy day here today, we are having a garage/garden sale tomorrow and we have had to sort everything out for it. Lots of bits and bobs that we longer need or use and are cluttering up the house and garage, as they say one mans junk is another mans treasure!

I have had a sort out in the greenhouses too as I had loads of flower plants and herbs that I had sown for resale. I have over one hundred and fifty plants and herbs as they grew and germinated quite well compared to my vegetables! However I did have a nice little surprise waiting in the greenhouse for me today one courgette and one squash have germinated! As usual I done my little dancing jig of joy, well more of a wiggle really.

My little plastic greenhouse in now empty as I emptied out about ten seed trays into the compost bin as either the snails had eaten them or they just did not germinate. The large greenhouse looks rather empty too now I have moved the plants for sale into the garage for tomorrow. I just hope the weather holds as it has been rather dull today and rain has been forecast for tomorrow, fingers crossed it will hold off until the afternoon and we have finished and gotten everything away. I hope there is not a lot to put away obviously.

The tomato plants need potting up so that is one job I really need to do tomorrow also the two chili plants need doing. I am going to sow some salad leaves as well in a container and leave them to grow in the greenhouse. I realized today that I do not have any cucumber plants so I will need to purchase come of these from the local nursery. I had some last year that I grew outside and we had loads of them. I can't remember what variety they are but I have the label in the summerhouse so I can try and get the same ones.

The girls have still been enjoying their wander around the garden. Bell has developed a bit of a limp the last couple of days. I have had a good look and cannot see anything wrong, she seems quite well in herself otherwise. I will keep a close eye on her. I think it is where they all jump and fly up when I go out to either feed or let them out and she has either hurt herself that way or it was one of the others landing on her.

Remember the fish cake I made for my husbands fortieth birthday? Well I have written and published a webpage so others can recreate my rainbow fish celebration cake. It has been quite popular. If you would like to visit and see how I made the cake you can click on the following link.

A Rainbow Fish celebration cake

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