Friday, 1 June 2012

Rampaging chickens!

Our sunshine has gone and been replaced with wet and windy weather. The good thing is my water butts are full and the garden looks good. It is typical for the UK it's a bank holiday weekend to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee and many people have four days off and the weather takes a turn for the worst!

The girls have been right little so and so's, they have decimated both my tayberry and blueberry bushes. There is no way for me to protect these and as they were only planted last autumn they are quite small, and even smaller now the girls have been at them!

When it is time to go back into the run they no longer come nicely even with treats Dory is always the last and I have to often corner her to catch her. Last night it took me more than half an hour to coax her back in and the others were trying to get back out! I will need to invest in some more corn as this is one of their favorites and is sure to get them back in the run.

Still not much action going on in the greenhouse, it looks like I will be only having the two courgette plants this year and they are both the same variety unfortunately. It appears that many other gardeners have been having problems with germination this year and no one seems to know why according to all the gardening blogs that I read. I will just have to put it down to not being a good year and hope that what has grown will give a good crop.

And finally.....I have to go and water the greenhouse as we going out tonight, so that just leaves to wish you all a great weekend until next time x

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