Tuesday, 29 May 2012

This should keep the vampires at bay!

A little disappointing, I harvested the garlic earlier as the leaves had started to turn yellow but had some rust disease and as I did not want to loose them so I thought I'd lift them. It is a little early by perhaps a month but I don't think they would have grown much more. The variety was Cristo, prior to planting these last October I had only planted a few cloves of shop bought garlic to try the previous year and it was not impressive. I will be looking to grow a different variety next year.

There were a few decent sized bulbs. I have laid them out in the summerhouse to dry out. As I had the camera out I took a wander round the garden and have some new photos to share.

The broad bean pods have doubled in size this past week

The fist lot of cabbages are filling out

not long now till we will be having these tasty potatoes
Another flower protruding from the rhubarb!
As you can see everything is growing quite well, still not much action going on in the greenhouse yet. The seeds sown last week will hopefully be through within the next week or two.

The girls only had an hour in the garden as I had been out for most of the day. I had to wrestle the garlic off Octavia! Who decided to go running off with a stalk of it in her beak. We had four eggs today for a change we had been only getting two or three so Octavia obviously done her bit today as there was a little white egg nestled in the nesting box.  There are all presently sitting in the run having a good preen.

It has been a rather dull and chilly day today and looks like we may be in for some rain tonight, which is good as the garden is rather dry and my water butts are standing empty again.

Well that is it from me for another day, I hope the sun has shone for you today x

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  1. Well it sounds as though Octavia approves of your garlic. My potatoes look to be at about the same stage as your's. I've got my mum and dad coming for a meal on Sunday so I thought I might empty a bucket. I don't really mind if they're only small, I just hope there's enough of them.


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