Monday, 7 May 2012

Another wet bank holiday

Well it has been typical bank holiday weather, a total washout! However this morning it was dry and the sun came out, so we all piled into the car and drove to Flatford  Mill also know as Constable Country, where John Constable's many famous painting's were done to walk along the swollen river Stour. The banks and surrounding fields were very swamp like. I was alright as I had on my wellies and had great fun stomping through it all as did the dogs, they had a great time splashing and scooting about in the water and mud.

Though the weather has not been warm things are starting to grow quite well in the greenhouse. I have been hardening the peas of this week so they will be ready to go out later on this week. I really need to do some weeding as they seem to be growing very well with all this rain.

The girls have been their busy usual selves running in and out of cover from the rain and once it stops coming out into the run to have a good flap about. I have got to start their worming course tomorrow as it has been six months since the last lot of treatment. As their coop and run are always situated in the same place it is recommended that they should be wormed.

Well that is it from me, hopefully I will have more to tell you about the garden next week. Enjoy the rest of your weekend x

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  1. I can't really complain about the bank holiday weather here, it's been much better than it has been for weeks. We had a heavy downpour through the night last night and Archie needed a bath after our walk this morning. Why, oh why does he always make for mud filled puddles?


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