Thursday, 3 May 2012

Just a peek!

It has been another miserable day weather wise here again today. Another day of no gardening so I took some photos to share with you so you can at least see what is growing!

As you can see the rhubarb Has grown quite a lot and more is ready for the picking. I don't know why this one is blurred but it is the gooseberry bush.

The strawberry plants I planted last week and the first early potatoes that are growing out of the bags. A frost has been forecast for the coming weekend so I will have to get out the fleece to cover everything again.

second pea sowing's
Wind battered cabbages

assorted toms and chilies

I managed to clean out the coop today, we had three eggs, one had rolled out of the nesting box and was on the poop tray, I think the girls fancied a game of football! All the girls have muddy feet and beaks, they look a right rabble!

I'm hoping to have an hour or two in the summerhouse tomorrow to do some potting up and a couple of the tomatoes need re-potting too. I am also going to plant up a trough with some more sweet peas and then plant the rest against the trellis behind the coop on the vegetable plot in the hope that it will attract the bees.

The compost bins could do with sorting out, if the day stays dry that will be another job I can do. I think a root through the seed box is also in order to see what can be sown.

Well that is it from me for another day. Enjoy the rest of your evening/day x

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  1. I've got some potatoes which have reached the top of their containers too. I'm staggering the planting though so that I don't have them all ready at once.


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