Monday, 28 May 2012

A lazy day

It was another beautiful sunny hot day, and so I decided to have a lazy day of doing much of nothing! There is not much for me to do at the moment until things start growing and are ready to be planted out. I could of sorted and tidied up the summerhouse I suppose, but no it was far to hot to do that!

The girls have been on the loose in the garden, they keep making a beeline for the rhubarb so I have put something in front of it however they are such inquisitive little monkeys they won't stay away from it. They had a game of rugby with a snail earlier Dory won as usual, she makes a grab and runs like the clappers into the run and before the others realize what has happened she has already eaten it and looking for another one!

Dory on the run with her precious snail!

Matilda wondering what is indoors!
Octavia decimated one of my strawberry plants and promptly hopped onto the empty raised bed for a quick dust bath before I lifted her off! They are so funny especially when they run and when they want to get there even quicker it's part fly and a running landing! They are great to watch, I waste so much of my time just watching them.

Anyway I have wasted enough time today, so I better go and get dinner ready. I hope you have all had a great day/evening where ever you maybe. Before I go I just want to share this great tasting summer slurp! It's a family favorite and perfect for a hot summers day. Enjoy!
Iced Coffee Milkshake made with Camp Coffee



  1. It was too hot to do anything yesterday, so I think you had the right idea having a lazy day. The chickens sound so funny, I bet they give you lots of laughs.

    1. Hi Jo, watching a chicken running is hilarious! The neighbors must think I'm bonkers screeching with laughter at the girls antics!


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