Sunday, 20 May 2012

Pea-ing around!

Not much gardening got done today as other things got in the way. However I did get the peas planted out. I was going to plant them out in rows and  put in two posts with chicken wire running in between. But Jay had taken out the van along with his tools and I needed the wire cutters. As I wanted to get it done today I made wigwams using bamboo canes instead.

I was quite surprised at how dry and hard the ground is with all the rain we had, it seems like it has evaporated into thin air! It was solid. As you can see the peas at the front of the picture which were planted in the winter  have all but disappeared, what was left has been eaten by the blooming snails. I have sprinkled down a few slug pellets, something that I do not like to use, however as I don't want these to succumb to the same fate. I am hoping to collect some more hair from the hair dressers this week, which I shall then use as a mulch around the peas.

I had a bag of hair which I used to mulch round the cabbages as when I took a look today I found several snails nestled in there, which the girls enjoyed chasing each other for. For more information on mulching:

I cleaned the girls out today while they had a wander round the garden, Max was keeping an eye on them making sure they did not wander to far and would round them up near the run. A Labrador chicken dog! I wonder.... a new category at the local agriculture show! Clyde just sat on the step taking it all in. When I went out this morning to let the girls out of the coop, I had forgotten to take the scraps with me, I came back to the house and all the girls were following me as I had forgot to shut the gate, they were all standing outside by the back door, and then as I came back out they all came running behind me back to the run for their goodies. It sure is a funny sight with them running along.

I had to give all the vegetables that are growing in pots and containers a good soaking earlier as they were quite dry, seemed strange standing out there watering as it has been a while since it has needed to be done.

And finally..... I hope you have all had a great weekend, I would also like to say a big hello and welcome to all the new visitors x

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  1. I've still got peas in the greenhouse which need to go out, I'm hoping to get that done this week.


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