Thursday, 17 May 2012

Frozen toes and an itchy nose....

I woke up to another lovely dry somewhat sunny day, I hope this is going to continue! My toes and feet were rather cold still today and my nose is peeling, hence the itchy nose! I had a fairly productive day out in the garden and potting shed today. I found half a bag of compost and half a bag of seed compost under the table in the summerhouse, I really must tidy up in there!

I potted up all of the flower seedlings that were ready, but I had used up all the seedling compost so I was unable to do the herbs or plant anymore seeds. I had enough compost to top up five of the potato bags, so it looks like a trip to the garden center tomorrow to be able to do the others.

I ventured into the little plastic greenhouse only to find a snail had demolished  twenty four Cosmos seedlings. These were doing quite well too, all that was left was a tray of soil, damn pesky snails! They had not touched the French Marigolds so I moved these to the large greenhouse before they find these and eat them too.

As it was a sunny dry day it was perfect for scrubbing out the chicken coop. I took out all the removable parts and brushed off any muck on the interior of the coop and nesting boxes. I then liberally sprayed with a Smite solution and scrubbed all the other parts too. I left it all in the sun to dry whilst I took the dogs for a walk. I had a good inspection to make sure that there were no red mites lurking and thankfully I could not see any. I suffered a bad infestation of these last year when I went on holiday for two weeks and it took a few weeks to eradicate them. I have written an article on how to treat an infestation of red mite which you can access through this link  Treating red mite in the chicken coop

The girls had their wander around the garden again today, Clyde kept his distance today and was watching them whilst laying on the door step looking rather wary! We had two eggs today, and I found another in my coat pocket which was from yesterday which I had forgotten about, but I had broken it, so I had a rather soggy pocket! The girls had a feast of rice, burnt toast and some salad this morning and then this afternoon munched through a purple sprouting broccoli that had gone to seed. They all went to bed quite content I should think.

My neighbor has cut his grass and left a big bag of grass cuttings by the gate, at some point over the weekend I will sort out the compost bins as it has been too wet of late to do this job. Hopefully there will be some lush compost at the bottom of the bins that I can put on the veg plot before planting out any more greens or beans.

As promised I have managed to get the photos onto the computer. Unfortunately the one of the vegetable plots on holiday have not come out very clear, these were taken whist we were travelling and it is hard to make out what it is.

You can just make out the rows of vegetables


 Top left is the first early potatoes and top right is some of the seedlings I potted up. Bottom left is the onions  that were planted in March and bottom right is the cabbages the ones at the back were planted out in January I think and the little ones were planted out about a month ago and were uncovered yesterday, hence why they look a little droopy!

And finally..... Still lots to do in the garden tomorrow so it's of to bed for me shortly, I hope you all had a good day and look forward to posting my ramblings tomorrow x


  1. Slugs and snails are such pests, I lost most of my brassicas to them so I've had to resow. They were doing so well too. I'm always interested if I come across any vegetable gardens abroad, it's good to see what's grown in other countries.

  2. Hi Jo I read your post after I had written mine, blooming pests! I'm using hair as a mulch this year to protect my veg from the damn snails.

    It was great to see so many but we only saw them whilst travelling and as we were on a minibus I could hardly ask the driver to stop lol, even though I wanted to so I could take some decent photos


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