Wednesday, 9 May 2012

I won!

Well I am in shock! I went to my emails this morning and I had won a water butt! I entered a competition with our local water company who are running a monthly draw last month. I am not usually lucky in draws so I am very happy. It will be delivered in 28 days time, it will probably have stopped raining by then!

We had quite a fine dry day yesterday so I managed to get a bit of weeding done. I harvested some more rhubarb, this will probably be the last for a while as I don't want to strip the plant. it had also grown another two flowers which have been removed.  I'm hoping to get an hour out there later today. I am away for the weekend so I have lots to do before I go, this we be the last post until next week.

I also cleaned out them mucky girls yesterday, we had a bumper four eggs and one was again nestled in the poop tray! I let them out of the run for twenty minutes yesterday, it is the first time I have let them have a wander round the garden. They did not go far and went quite easily back into the run. As I have vegetables growing all round the garden and not sectioned off and they will attack anything that is green! And I don't want them munching through everything, I am going to try and let them out every evening and see how it goes.

I purchased some melon seeds at the weekend, I thought as I have the big greenhouse I would have a go at growing them. I have a water melon, Sugar Baby, which is a sweet smallish melon and melon Charentais which is a small sweet melon with orange flesh. I'll sow these later today and keep you posted.

And finally.....I hope you all have a great week whatever you may be doing and I'll be back next week x

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  1. Congratulations, an appropriate prize with the hosepipe ban in place. I'll be interested to see how you do with the melons, I know some people who have had success with them previously. Have a good weekend.


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