Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Ants in my pants!

Phew!!! It's a scorcher! Not the best day to be playing around in the compost bins, they smelt awful and one was full of ants and also two huge and I mean huge slugs! I had ants crawling all over me and even though I love the garden I am not a lover of any bugs or garden critters what so ever. Anything that looks like a critter sends me off screaming down the garden!

The bins have finally been sorted one was nearly all usable compost and the other which is much larger was just a stinking mass of yuck! I turned it over into the now empty bin adding some grass cuttings and some chicken bedding. I will leave that one till the autumn, where hopefully it will then be usable compost.

the lush compost
I put the compost on two areas on the veg plot that are waiting to have vegetables planted in them. I also put some in the triangular raised bed where I am hoping to grow a pumpkin. They love the rich soil and hopefully I will get at least one good pumpkin so I can make that lush pumpkin jam.

The girls have been enjoying the sunshine and having dust baths. I have given the coop a scrub out as it is so warm. I probably have the cleanest chicken coop going! We had another three eggs today, Dory was clucking like mad when in the coop laying her egg, it must of been the big one!

Some of the pods on the broad beans
I cannot believe the difference so far in this years crops to last. I had the best ever crop of peas I had ever had last year and now this year is looking rather poor indeed. I have sown so many yet I only have about twenty five plants at most that may actually produce something. In fact the same could be said for many of my crops. Never mind We will just have to wait and see what develops.

I have sown a couple more courgettes as I only have two that have germinated and survived and I have also sown another pumpkin and another squash in the hope that they actually appear. If these fail I will give up and purchase small plants from the garden center.

And finally.... That is it from me for today, I am in need of a shower. I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine wherever you may be x

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  1. I really need to take stock of what plants I have so that I can sow more if need be, time's getting on now. It'll be interesting to see how everything does this year after the slow start we've had.


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