Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Hurrah..... the sun has got his hat on!

It has been fantastic weather today and was not too bad yesterday either, the forecast for the rest of the week is pretty good too! Yesterday was taken up with house cleaning and I had my mum and dad round for the day today. We sat on the decking and had an enjoyable lunch in the sunshine after we had taken the dogs for a long walk.

It is the first time we had actually used the new table and chairs we bought last summer for the garden. The summer was non existent last year so the table and chairs never got used. It was lovely to be able to sit in the garden and enjoy it for a change.

With the warm weather things are really starting to grow, the broad beans that were sown in November are full of pods. The snails have left the peas alone thankfully and the cabbages are starting to fill out. The sweet peas are starting to grow and cling to their supports, soon I will be able to enjoy their sweet smelling aroma.

The girls have been enjoying their time out in the garden, Max loves to play football, however this is not a good idea when you have chickens running and pecking round the garden at their leisure! Max has great ball control but Bell got in the way and the ball rolled into her, she was not amused and Clyde went scampering off indoors even though he was not the culprit. Dory followed me up the garden where she spied the lush cabbages through the wire fence, I soon took her back down before she got any ideas!

I have the whole day to spend in the garden tomorrow so I am looking forward to that. Those compost bins will be sorted out tomorrow as will some more seed sowing.  I watered the container plants today and one of the water butts is now standing empty. Perhaps we could have some night rain.....

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  1. It's another gorgeous day again here today, and it's supposed to get even warmer as the week progresses.


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