Friday, 18 May 2012

Spring sprung a leak, what is summer going to do?

Well today started off very nice however it has now turned rather dull and looks as if a storm is on the way. After the awful spring and the very wet weather I am beginning to wonder what sort of summer we are going to get, if any! Will all this hard work of germinating seeds and getting veg beds ready all have been in vain or will it be bumper crops? As usual we will have to wait and see what mother nature throws at us and try and do the best we can.

I had a busy couple hours in the garden earlier. I filled up the potato bags, now all I have to do is water, feed and wait. It's surprising how much soil those bags need. I do recycle most of the soil by either adding it to the raised beds or vegetable plot and the rest I pile up at the end of the garden an use it to refill the holes the chickens dig or reuse it by adding some new compost and feed to it and use it for pot and container growing.

I weeded the the veg plot, and there were lots and lots of weeds, I now have an aching back! The girls had a feast when I gave them a pile of weeds to rummage through. Their coop is next to the veg plot and they all stand on the ladder watching and clucking at me through the trellis as they know what is coming to them once I have done, they are funny little things.

We had two eggs today and I also filled in the two holes they had been busy digging. I let them out for a wonder and they are getting more inquisitive and are venturing further. Clyde decided to come out and have a sniff around them which sent them all in a flap, he then mooched off indoors again, happy that he had caused mayhem!

Jobs for tomorrow include potting up the herbs, sowing seeds and sorting out the compost bins if the weather stays fine.

And finally.....I'd like to say a big welcome to my new follower and to all my new viewers I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I do writing it. I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend and that the sun shines for you all x

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  1. I always have a good chuckle hearing about your chickens, and an extra chuckle when Clyde is added to the mix. It sounds as though he enjoys causing mayhem where the chickens are concerned. I wish I knew what summer had in store for us this year, we'd know what to do with our plants then.


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